Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does anyone else's husband?

Does anyone else's husband- change lyrics to a song to make them inappropriate? This weekend Hubby was changing chestnuts roasting on an open fire to Scott's nuts... Scott is our bunny's nickname. Oh maybe I'll have to explain that in a blog someday. Our bunny is fixed so he stopped singing the song and apologized. Then I asked, "Where do all the nuts go?" Does anybody know where all the animal balls go? Does everything go to the dump? Ew now I am wondering where road kill goes. Saw a dog on the street the other day. So sad, and gross!

Does anyone else's husband- doubt their bra size? My best friend worked in lingerie at Nordstroms for several years and can tell you your bra size just by looking at you most of the time. I needed a new bra so I asked the hubby to get me one for Christmas. He of course went with you pick it out and I'll buy it route. I have worn the same size since my friend measured me. I have bras of different brands. It doesn't matter, the hubby still doubts it. When we went shopping this weekend I picked out my size and it fit, again in several different brands. There were a few that were a little small even. I think he is starting to believe now. Have you ever taken your husband bra shopping? Oh man! Seeing his face when I showed him some of those price tags was priceless!!

Does anyone else's husband- try to micromanage in the kitchen? He used to bug me so much about every little thing I was doing that he is now the chef. Which you met have read in a previous post that he wants me to take over more when we have kids. We are having our holiday party at work today and he made cookies for the potluck and I made au gratin potatoes. I was doing great while he wasn't home. Then he gets home and he's asking about every ingredient and am I going to put garlic. Super annoying!


    THAT ANNOYS ME. SO much, I WILL NOT cook if he is home. I turn to him and ask how I managed on my own before he came along.
    Some couples enjoy cooking together and bond. NOT THIS ONE! :)

  2. The lyrics thing: ALL THE TIME, drives me crazy!
    The bra thing: YUP! He thinks I'm a, have you seen my delfated balloons? Try an A!
    The kitchen thing: ONLY IF HE HAS A DEATH WISH!

  3. HunsBuns is NOT allowed in my kitchen!

    And yes on the lyrics. 'Giddyup jingle horse, pick up your feet' is now 'Giddyup jingle horse, shit on your feet.'