Monday, November 30, 2009

Crazay Monday!

The hubby is sick. :( He wasn't feeling good yesterday and was kind of useless. He has strangely been under the normal human body temp. We have this thermometer that turns green if you are a normal temp, yellow if you should stay home, and red if you should go to the hospital. His weird temp freaks it out and it doesn't know what to do! So he took some nightime sudafed stuff to help him sleep. I didn't tell him it only works for four hours hoping he would be able to sleep through the night. He didn't wake up miserable in the middle of the night so that is good. When the alarm went off I got the thermometer and brought it to him in bed. Hoping it would turn a color. Nope, cause he is a freak. Tried to take it again and he lit it up with his phone. Since he was still reptile temp I told his butt to get to work!

He must have really been not feeling good cause before I got there, an hour later, he had already left. Which means more work for me! So it has been kind of crazy! Plus having days off last week and the end of the month!

He used his sick time wisely by sleeping, chasing the bunny around the house, and creating the most random Christmas list ever! Maybe it will be tomorrows post! Oh! And his birthday is Wednesday! I need help coming up with a gift idea! What are some good wii games?

Can't remember what else I was going to tell you guys. Creepy weirdo visiting our warehouse for some reason told me I was gorgeous. That is always fun when you worry about a work stalker!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Didn't want to depress you with mine! xoxo!


  1. The only two Wii games I like are Boom Blox and Mario Karts!

    I expect you to kick me if I don't meet my goals ;)

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  3. Mario Olympics! Super fun. And, winter sports. We have a blast with those!

  4. I have not ventured into Wii territory yet, but I am sure I will be sucked into the craZe at some point. Happy b-day to your hub!

  5. awww poor thing for the hubss and I just hate creepy weirdos!!!