Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I was inspired to blog today by Shannon over at Life After I Dew. Read this post she wrote. I've never thought about myself as a blogger as a person that could inspire others. Oops I got distracted by facebook. Where was I, inspiration.

Since we are on day 16 of the be a better housekeeper challenge let's talk housekeeping for a sec. I woke up at 6:15 today. I had to work this morning so that's part of the reason but I had time to do my hair and clean the bathroom counter off. Goal is to wake up at 6:15 again tomorrow. So I hope I inspire all of you to do the same. Leave your excuses in the comments stay at home moms that aren't doing this.

My wonderful Handy Manny (aka my dad) did some chores for me while I was at work. He's the best! We chatted when I got home and I looked over my to do list several times and just couldn't really come up with much to do. A lot of the things on my list are cleaning things. Please pray the people return my call and can clean our house Friday! Oh wait, be a better housekeeper! A lot of the things are cleaning the floors too which I want to leave until Friday or Saturday morning.

I did find our receipt for our new carpet. It always amazes me when I find things quickly. Good thing I can remember where I hide all the paper clutter and don't actually organize.

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  1. My new goal is to go to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 5:30, so I have time to shower, do a few things around the house, and do my devotions every morning. Hopefully before long, I'll throw in a 15-20 minute elliptical workout. Got to get used to just waking up first! :)

    Good job!