Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3

I'm kinda shocked by all the support on my 31 day challenge! Thank you all so much for the encouragement. I'm totally doing this for selfish reasons so that's awesome if I motivate someone else too.

I'm writing this on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd. Yesterday was my first full day of work during this challenge. Hubby's alarm didn't go off so I woke up about 45 minutes later than I had planned. So I didn't really get to do the morning routine of cleaning the bathroom and making my bed. Oh well! My awesome dad/nanny does the dishes for us when I work which helps out a ton. All I did yesterday on my to do list was hang the Halloween decor. Chase had so much fun seeing all the stuff and when Hubby got home from work he pointed everything out to him. Makes me excited for Christmas, but how does the whole tree thing work with a toddler?

Today I have been a cleaning machine! I didn't make it out of bed early but did the morning routine once Chase went down for his nap. I did the dishes and my little helper vacuumed with me. After getting ready for the day, doing a swish and swipe of the bathroom, and making our bed I cleaned the stainless steel appliances and the kitchen floor. I got a bottle of Windex this weekend and was cleaning everything with it today. I cleaned the coffee table and side tables and the windows.

Now I'm pooped!

Did you watch the Teen Mom farewell special? No, it wasn't a repeat of the finale show with Dr. Drew it was another show with their casting tapes and updates on them now. I was riveted! I can't believe Amber chose to go to prison for 5 years. 5 years! Doesn't she realize how long that is to be away from her daughter?! Did anyone else think it was weird when Farrah and her mom were talking about Amber that there was no mention of when Farrah's mom hit her? So I still secretly want Maci and Ryan to get back together. I can't believe he said he didn't love her and the things he said to his ex girlfriend Dallis were so lovely. I hope Carly gets to go to Tyler and Catelynn's wedding. Did Tyler and Catelynn name her? I'm going to go find out about that now!


  1. I actually do think Tyler and Catelynn named Carly, I remember watching an episode and they mentioned that they had named her.

  2. I too am curious how a tree works with a toddler. We have half joked/been serious about getting a tabletop tree!

  3. You were a cleaning machine! Great job!

  4. I can't believe I missed that Teen Mom special. Must catch it soon! I also secretly hope Ryan and Maci get back together. Not sure she could ever trust him though.