Monday, October 29, 2012

Easy, Quick, Healthy Halloween party munchies for kids!

Linking up again with AP for Hey, That's Pintastic! Monday. We had our 2nd annual kiddo Halloween party this weekend. I pin Halloween stuff to my Halloween party board all year long. This year I was just not really into the planning. Literally, the day of I went through my board to come up with easy, quick, and healthy halloween muchies for kids. The party was so much fun and Chase loved all the fun food. His friends were more interested in playing with his toys but Chase sat at the table chowing down most of the party. You don't get size 9 wide feet at 18 months without a love for food :)! So here are my pictures of the food we made. Everything was completely ripped off from pinterest. I would be nothing without it!
Mandarin jack-o-lanterns. So easy. I used a sharpie and I want to warn you that I just peeled one and the sharpie still comes off on your hands. I didn't let any of the kids touch them. Not sure if I did something wrong I just took them out of the bag and drew on them.

Mini pumpkin dip bowl. Buy a mini pumpkin, have your husband carve it and hollow it out. Put store bought dip in it. Voila! Chase quickly figured out how to dip his carrots in the ranch. This was his first time having ranch. He also learned not to double dip!

Fruit Monster! I bought a personal watermelon. Had Hubby cut it in half and hollow it out. Then he carved the "teeth". We kind of propped it up with some fruit. Then I stuck toothpicks in some green grapes for the eyes and a strawberry for the nose and then cut up the other half of the watermelon and the grapes and strawberries and voila! Chase kept pulling the eyes and nose off. Also, watermelon with halloween costumes wasn't the best idea but it is so cute!
Last, and certainly not least, a pic of my little lion!