Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 13, 14, and 15

I think the point of this 31 day challenge was to write every day and improve your blogging. Instead I think I've discovered that if I focus on being the mom, wife, and housekeeper that I want to be I don't have enough time for blogging.

We have a super busy weekend. We worked on the house Saturday. Ladies, I can not stress enough how much going forward with the refi has motivated Hubby to get things done around the house. Our house looks great now mostly because of what he has been doing. He stained all our cabinets, our front and back decks, and our front door. I went to home depot for the 3rd time that week and my dad went once for us last week too! Then my mom came over for a date night with Chase. Hubby and I went to McCormick and Schmick to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary!

At dinner Saturday night we got a call from my bil. My bil and sil wanted to meet up at the pumpkin patch the next day. I have seen so many pictures from this pumpkin patch from other mom friends so I was really excited to take Chase.

Oh yeah, being a better housekeeper. I washed and folded a ton of laundry this weekend. Today I cleaned up quite a bit.


  1. Want to know what makes folding laundry fun for my husband? He got the laundry folder that Sheldon uses on Big Bang Theory...I hope you watch this otherwise this comment is pointless.

  2. ohh, house projects are fun, when someone else does them ;) haha. Where are pics of pumpkin patch?

  3. We are in the process of refinancing too but thankfully the way we are going doesn't require an appraisal! But yes, house projects are awesome and make you feel so good!