Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20

We just got done with the appraisal! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

I wanted to share two cleaning tips with you today. Both were kind of inspired by pinterest so I'm also going to link up with AP and her project pinterest link up on Monday.">textarea>
The first one is from pinterest. I remember one day I was scrubbing away at our stove burners trying to get that nasty cooked on stuff off and a light bulb went off and I thought there has to be an easier way to do this and I bet it is on pinterest!

Voila! Ammonia fumes get the cooked on stuff off pinterest says! The pin I found said put one burner in a ziploc bag with 1/4 cup of ammonia and seal it up, put it outside overnight and in the morning they will wipe clean.

I tried this once before but I didn't read it carefully. I put all the burners in an xl ziploc bag and it didn't work. So this time I followed directions and put each burner in a gallon ziploc bag with almost 1/3 cup ammonia. Some of you might be asking, like I did, what about the part under the burners? Well I put those in the other xl ziploc bags I had!

What you will need:
ammonia (my sil said they have it at the dollar store. I got mine at Target)
4 gallon ziploc bags
2 xl ziploc bags
1/3 or 1/4 cup measuring cup
fresh scrubby sponge
Sink full of hot soapy water

What you will do:
1. Put burners in ziploc bags with 1/3 or 1/4 cup ammonia.
2. Leave them outside overnight.
3. Take out of ziploc bags. Try not to inhale the ammonia fumes. Seal them back up and throw them in trash.
4. Bring back in the house and put in hot soap water.
5. Scrub with your scrubby sponge.

Look at that before and after!!

My other pinterest inspired project is cleaning our white kitchen sink. I had thought about cleaning the tile grout in the kitchen. Pinterest told me to mix some bleach and baking soda together. Flylady is all about having a shiny sink and see uses bleach. We don't have a plug for both sides of our sink so I was trying to figure out how to get it shiny white without a plug to soak it in bleach. Then, lightbulb! use the baking soda/bleach grout cleaning trick for the kitchen sink!

It was so easy! I grabbed a red solo cup pour a little bleach in and sprinkled in some baking soda. It kind of made a paste that I just shook out of the cup into the sink. Grabbed my sponge and scrubbed it around the sink and then rinsed with water. Look how awesome the sink looks!!!!
Now I think it is time for beer #2 and cuddling on the couch with Hubby and watching the challenge. Cheers to a super clean house and keeping it looking that way!


  1. I'll have to try the baking soda trick!!

  2. Love what you did with the burners- will definitely have to try! I did a pin inspired project where I tried to get stains out of my carpet, but it didn't work so well... womp womp.

  3. You've been pinned! I always comment on all of the posts that link up with me and that's how you know you've been pinned! Sorry I was so slow to catch up this time! Its great to know that both of these ideas work so week! Brilliant and thanks SO much for sharing and for linking up!