Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 of being a better housekeeper

Day 2- The laundry pile is gone and put away!

I also did the dishes which usually get done but I have had days where I didn't do them.

After putting the laundry away I made the bed and picked up the master bedroom a little.

I also did what Fly Lady refers to as a swish and swipe of the master bath.

Fly Lady suggests getting dressed all the way to shoes every morning. This is a habit I am trying to get in to. Yesterday was a busy day for me so I did this one.

She suggests getting dressed and doing a swish and swipe of your bathroom before your children wake up. This is a tough one for me.

I'm also working on doing a declutter for 15 mins, laying my clothes out the night before, and doing a 2 min clearing of hotspots. That is the nighttime routine and I suck with cleaning after like noon!

So doing the stuff I did was more than I have been doing so success! I work Tuesday (I'm writing this Monday night and scheduling it to post Tuesday) so we will see how I do with being a better housekeeper and working!


  1. I SO need to do something like this. Ever since having my baby, both my husband and I are horrible at keeping house.

  2. nice job! I was thinking last night, A goes to bed at 8. I spend the next hour or so cleaning up from dinner, landry, cleaning and then A tiny bit of tv time before bed. I REALLY try to do something each night to keep it in check and I will never let myself go to bed with clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away or diapers that need to be stuffed and put away. This is very easy not to avoid bc my washer and dryer is outside my bedroom, so it haunts me.

  3. I have tried Fly Lady a few times and never get much past like day 1, so rock on! You are motivating me!!