Monday, October 22, 2012

Challenge your closet and day 21 and 22

We had an awesome weekend! We celebrated being done with hell week by going out to p.f. changs with my parents.

Then Sunday morning it was up to Apple Hill for some apple and pumpkin fall fun with our best friends.

* I love this picture. Chase is so excited! I had asked my instagram fashionistas what to put my kid in for our trip to the pumpkin patch and I have to say I ended up loving the red sweater with the orange pumpkins. Isn't his buddy adorable?! They are 5 months apart in age and totally on opposite ends of the height scale. I love it!

We got in a little bit more relaxation. Football watching and hot coco drinking and made a quick trip to the grocery store.

You know me and my laundry issues. I seriously had laundry in the dryer when the appraiser was here. Then I had to do another load Sunday which equals almost 10pm on Sunday night with a mountain of clothes to be folded and put away on the bed.

Luckily the Hubby helped out a little. I asked him if he wanted me to just move it off the bed so he could go to sleep. He said, "It will only take us like 5 minutes." I liked that attitude!

This morning Chase and I slept in, I know bad bad! But I loved every second of it!

I loved having more counter space this weekend since everything was put away and cleaned off for apprasial. So today I did the dishes and instead of just leaving them on the counter to dry I dryed them and put them away (hm are we seeing a theme?). That way I have more counter space!

Since it is a rainy fall day out I was excited to wear my leggins or something warm and cozy. If you follow me on instagram you know about the sweater my husband hates that is super warm and cozy that I'm trying to get him to like. I texted him to see if he liked it better belted. Which he did! So maybe I'll wear it tomorrow!

I wore the pinterest inspired outfit below over a week ago. When Hubby got home from work he said I looked nice which is a rare and exciting compliment! I don't think I had told you all that I got a chambray top! I think I might like it better with the sleeves rolled... I don't know how to make my brown boots show up better in my bathroom.

I have this pinterest inspired outfit on today. The only new item is the leggings.


  1. I love that chambray top! I keep seeing that exact one at Target, Old Navy, etc. and I get all excited to try it on only to realize they only have ONE left in some crazy size :(

  2. All those outfits are so cute! I especially love the boots.

  3. I love the picture of Chase and all of your outfits are adorable! :)

  4. Chase is SO cute in that picture! Apple Hill is such a fun place. I love your outfits! I love being able to wear boots now!

  5. I LOVE the jean/chambray look!! I actually wore one last week that is so old- Ive had it since 8th grade! and a short sleeve one since 9th! haha. talk about re using clothes. I needed to get black pants because im too big to wear leggings as pants. I love the look. you look fantastic.

  6. Love the outfits!! You look great!