Tuesday, October 9, 2012

day 9 and a little more

day 9: I have to work today and tomorrow. My goal is to do more house work than I did the last time I worked. Last time I worked all I did was put up halloween decor. Hopefully I can get to the chores I didn't do yesterday!

A little update on the saga from yesterday. I'm hoping this may be the last time I talk about it. In my post 3 years ago I mentioned that dating Aaron was "so not worth it to mess up my friendship". I want to take that back. Aaron was my first teenage love. You only have one of those. My only hope with Amy has been for us to be Facebook friends. I am Facebook friends with Aaron. I know that he recently got married. He knows my son just had croup and I know that his kid had it too. Because people who loved each other care about these things. I now know that Amy never loved me.

Hubby doesn't have a Facebook account. He may some day. If he had joined Facebook yesterday and friend requested his high school sweetheart or his ex best friend I probably would have been upset. Today? I have had a change of heart. Like I said, I realized that no matter what hurt has happened in the past if you had cared about someone you want to know they are doing well. You are happy for them that they have found love. Seeing their children's faces? It is neat!

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    So, since you are tv obsessed can you fill me in on ALL RH shows :)