Friday, October 12, 2012

day 11 and 12

So I've mentioned that we might be having an appraisal done of our house. This should be kicking my lazy butt into gear. I'm guessing if an appraisal gets scheduled for tomorrow the house will be looking good. Here is a list I found of things you can do to get a high appraisal. I wish we had more time to do all the things on the list!
1 Enhance your curb appeal. The better-maintained your home's exterior is, the more likely the appraiser is to assume the inside is cared for, too. Mow your lawn, tidy up the yard, weed the garden. Repair or replace hardscaped items like walkways and retaining walls. Trim bushes in the front of the house. Repaint, if necessary, or powerwash your home's exterior if it looks grimy.

2 Spruce up your home's entry. First impressions count. Repaint the door and trim. Put shoes and jackets away. Stash keys, mail and other items that accumulate near the front door out of sight.

3 Clean up clutter. Go through your house and pack up items that don't have a home. Store them in the garage or basement temporarily.

4 Wash the walls to remove dirt, fingerprints and odors. If the walls are stained, crazy-colored or your home has strong pet, smoke or food odors, repaint them.

5 Steam clean and deodorize your carpets, taking care to remove stains. If regular cleaning doesn't do the job, try blotting some hydrogen peroxide on a hidden area of the carpet. Wait 24 hours. If the color hasn't bleached out, use the peroxide to eliminate stains that remain after steam cleaning.

6 Regrout your kitchen, bath and floor tiles, if necessary. Bright white grout gives the appearance that the tile is new.

7 Clean the house top to bottom. Polish furniture, vacuum, mop the floors and scrub the kitchen and baths. Use lightly scented cleaners, if possible, to avoid giving the appraiser the impression you're trying to cover odors -- even if you are.

8 Gather receipts for all the improvements you've made yourself or hired contractors to do. Collect copies of building permits and zoning and building code certifications in order to document that the work was done properly.

9 Create a pleasing ambiance that engages all the senses. Shortly before the appraiser is due to arrive, turn on all the lights. Light scented candles. Play soft background music.


  1. Yes all of these are great ideas! I remember working in the mortgage business and seeing appraisals of homes that it was apparent people took no pride in making look nice.

  2. This might help with ambiance!

    Just sayin ;)