Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 18 and 19

Maybe next year my topic will be finding time to blog or something that allows me time to blog every day in October.

We have been so busy! Our appraisal is Saturday and we have been staying up until 11 every night doing stuff around the house. We've been going to home depot just to drive the fun carts.

We bought 4 new ceiling fans. Our old ceiling fans were ugly and didn't really work or made horrible noises. New ceiling fans are such a great investment! The fans we bought were about $70 and it really changes the look of the room and having a ceiling fan when it is supposed to be 81 degrees on October 19th is a good thing! I don't care if designers don't like them. We need them!


Isn't she pretty?! I'm so so happy!!! Have you heard they are only making energy efficient light bulbs? We were freaking out today because the engergy efficient light bulbs aren't dimmable. I need to be able to dim the lights in my son's room for his bedtime story! My dad said I should blog about how it was helful having me around today because I actually read the instructions. I was up on the ladder and using a screwdriver today. Didn't know that was part of the stay at home mom gig!

I've already started planning what we will wear for our Christmas cards.
Won't Hubby and Chase look adorable in these sweaters?! Now it is time for me to find something to wear... Anyone have any ideas? I'm totally stumped!

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  1. Love the ceiling fan. Are you serious about the bulbs? We use a dimmer switch in the living room! This cannot be! Maybe we should stock up on regular bulbs, lol.