Monday, September 10, 2012

Those summers

You know those summers? Where you have a great job and meet people that capture your heart?

When I moved to San Diego in May of 2007 I had no idea I would meet people I would cherish for a lifetime.

I was a daycamp counselor that summer. Which means you get to hang out with a group of people your age and supervise (play) with kids all day.

We had all day to spend together talking, laughing, and being crazy. Then we would spend all weekend together.

Most of the other counselors were home from college for the summer so a lot of time was spent at Hubby and I's apartment. Our little 600 sq ft apartment with our bunny we had brought 800 miles with us.

I miss those nights staying up late talking and laughing.

It was almost like an extra summer of college.

I swear to you the song "You're gonna miss this" was written about my life!

Now that I have a baby that needs to be put to bed there doesn't seem to be as many late nights just hanging out and talking. Maybe when we retire!

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  1. There are so many of my friends that I miss but because we move a lot it gets hard to make those type of friends.