Thursday, September 27, 2012

One week

Tomorrow will be one week of having a sick baby. I am OVER it today. My sick baby weighs about 30 pounds. I just took advil because my back is KILLING me!

I'm sitting here waiting for the advice nurse to call me back. I think it is the third time this week.

My house is a disaster! I had this whole stay at home mom thing pretty much figured out. We did play dates, park, or errands in the afternoon. I followed my little cleaning schedule in the morning.  Now that I'm working again and my schedule is totally random and then I got knocked on my butt sick I let the house get bad. Like if I didn't have a contagious child would consider dropping him off at a daycare so I could clean bad.

Chase has never been watched by anyone other than family. He is a very social and easy going kid but it terrifies me to think of him looking around and not seeing a familiar face. I'm really planning on going to a church two of my favorite people go to in October. I'm hoping Hubby will go with me. We would take Chase with us and put him in their daycare. My friend's little boy is one of Chase's best friends and he goes to the daycare a lot so I know he would be well taken care of. Also hoping his friend would be there with him so there would be a familiar face for him.

Well, I'm going to go look at pinterest for some cleaning schedules that might fit my crazy random schedule. Any tips from moms that work weird schedules?

You know those days when you wish you had a bigger house because you have so much junk? I would love a bigger house but I would not love cleaning it! I so miss our little 600 sq ft apartment! Do you know how fast I could clean that whole place?!


  1. Aww poor Chase and poor you! I hope he feels better and that your back feels better.

  2. Hope he's on the mend! Yes, please come with me! I've heard great things about the KidsWay program at Bridgeway so Chase would be in good hands:) I'm there every weekend so let me know if you want to go!