Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey girl, let's get married

So apparently Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got hitched! I hope they have kids because they will either be the prettiest or ugliest babies ever. Have you ever seen when two pretty people make an ugly person? I sort of enjoy it. Exhibit A: Brad and Angelina's kids

When I wished Ryake (just made that up. are they doing that still?) them the best on twitter this morning I heard that some people weren't over the moon for the couple. I said the green monster jealousy was to blame. My pal Krystal informed me that people think he loves being in love and moves to fast. And also reminded me about the engagement to Alanis.

Can we for a minute reflect on that one?

Has ScarJo said why they got divorced?

Let's all be real honest here, if you are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds says, "Hey girl, let's get married." You are going to say, "You know I think this is moving a little too fast."? Nope, you aren't. It is hollywood. Statistics show they aren't really thinking these things through and even when they do they don't work out. So I hope they are very happy together and if they get divorced tomorrow I will still be able to move on with my life and I hope the rest of you will too :)

So, I just realized I had my Ryan's mixed up and Ryan Gosling is the one that is in the Hey Girl pictures on pinterest! Whatever. I also saw how they got married where The Notebook was filmed and I was thinking that's weird since he dated his co-star in the movie. Too many good looking Ryans! I got confused! You know you still love me!

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