Monday, September 10, 2012

Challenge my Closet

I'm linking up again with my pal Shannon for Challenge your Closet.
Life After I

This week I had substitute teacher orientation for the school district Chase will most likely be going to. I wanted to look professional. I pinned this working girl outfit collage and wanted to try to wear an outfit inspired by it. I liked the white with khaki. This shirt is one of my most professional looking white shirts. I also wore heels which I wouldn't normally choose. 

Saturday morning I was supposed to go to a playdate but ended up being too busy packing to go out of town. This is the outfit I picked to where to the playdate and out of town. I was inspired by this styling a basic white t blog post. I ended up wearing a beige tank because the white t that was clean had a stain (mom life!). It was over 90 that day so I didn't wear my jean jacket. I'm thinking if I do this outfit again I might try tucking the tank or white shirt in. 

P.S. My bathroom floor is always a distaster (mom life)!


  1. I love that pink skirt it is really really cute!

  2. So that pink skirt!