Saturday, September 29, 2012

Red skinnies?

I don't think it is a secret that I've been challenging my closet lately. But when I look at my clothes I don't see a lot of potential. I was stalking this blog today. Today's post said, "I had a collection of clothes instead of a workable wardrobe". I think that might be the case for me!

I'm trying to buy things I can wear a lot of different ways. I am desperately trying to find a good chambray top. Hoping I snag this one up at Target today.

I'm considering the red skinnies.
My issue is always if they are classic pieces I can wear for years or if red skinnies will be out next year. I'm also wondering if they will look weird with my skin tone. I think I'm a cool color person.

I also think part of my issue with my closet is I am finally ready for cooler temps and it is going to be 100 tomorrow!

Guess I need to shave my legs and wear more shorts!


  1. I think they would look great!!! I'm terrified to try them too though.

  2. I think those two would look great together.

  3. I have 2 pair of red skinnies and love them both! One is a little bit more faded and the other is more of a bright red. It took me awhile to jump on to the colored jean wagon but the red skinnies are def my fave. I have worn them both with chambray top, a leopard cardi and houndstooth cardi and they look great! (Even the hubs said so and he's not very "fashion forward" LOL). Red jeans are def more versatile than I expected them to be!

  4. I think skinnies will be around for awhile but they bright colors may not. Maybe if you want to ease into the trend try burgundy or a darker color first? I want a completely new wardrobe myself!

  5. LOVE the idea of red skinnies! If you get them cheap enough, I think even if you only wore them this season, they'll look great on you! :D