Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So What Wednesday

Another link up with Shannon!

This week I am saying so what if:
  • my father-in-law said, "Hey skinny!" when I saw him this weekend and it was one of the nicest compliments I've gotten in awhile.
  • we go out of town for 1 night and it takes me a week to unpack.
  • I was looking at pictures from my bil and sil's wedding which was one month after I had Chase. I thought at the time I didn't look too bad and now I think I look huge!
Whoa momma!
  • I don't like pumpkin anything! No pumpkin pie, no pumpkin spice latte. I only like the seeds!
  • Some days I want to let Chase nap longer so I can pin more and read more blogs. I guess I'll wake him up and do it when he goes to bed!
  • I am getting ready to punch the next person that says something about Chase being a "toe walker". Sometimes he walks on his toes. Apparently I did it too. We see a doctor every 3 months and she has seen him walk and has never commented on it so why don't you leave it up to me and the dr and shut your face! I just did a search on and he does not always walk on his toes so he doesn't have a short Achilles tendon or freaking cerebral palsy! Thanks. And then it mentions language delays and being associated with autism and I'm now freaking out.
  • I unfollowed someone on pinterest (and am thinking about unfollowing someone else) because I don't want to wear clothes that they think are cute or wear the same outfit in our christmas card pictures. Yes, I graduate from high school soon.
  • I posted 4 times on Monday. 1 was a scheduled post from like a week ago. I wrote my link up with Shannon Sunday night and posted and linked up in the morning and during nap was able to write the post to link up with Becky. It makes my heart happy and that is what I am all about lately.
  • If someone on twitter said, "Also hi, I love that you're on twitter." to me and I have no idea who they are :/ sorry if you are reading this. Makes me feel a little famous.


  1. You look adorable in that wedding photo! And how long does Chase nap? I'm curious why you wake him. And 3...Savannah toe walks on occasion. You know what my job is. Our children our fine;-)

  2. I think you look great in the wedding photo! :)

  3. You're a stick! And I hate pumpkin.

  4. So agree with you on the pumpkin thing. I didn't even used to decorate them until I had children. And with Pinterest sometimes I want to pin and I don't so that others don't know what I'm up to like my next new project or my next theme for a party. I feel you :)

  5. Ha, I love pumpkin candles, scentsy, and decorations but I absolutely can't stand anything to do with the food!

  6. You look awesome in that picture, sister!

  7. I'm only a fan of pumpkin spiced candles and rolls. Other than that, no thanks.

  8. Ahh, I love me some pumpkin! And you look gorgeous, btw!

  9. YOU are SILLY! YOu LOOK skinny. I cant believe that was a month after you had chase. Ugh, remember what I looked like...for like 12 months. lol.
    You are skinny. Im jealous.