Saturday, September 1, 2012

16 months!

Chase is 16 months old! I haven't really been doing monthly updates since he turned 1 for a few reasons. But I wanted to do an update since he is at such a fun age!

We went on our first camping trip. It was only one night and thank goodness because Chase was getting his molars and did not sleep well. He looks like such a big boy in all the pictures from that trip.

Speaking of my little giant, he is so tall! His 15 month appointment was a few weeks ago and he was 33 inches tall! We go to the park and he is taller than some 2 year olds!

 I love taking him to the park. Today, he was so cute! We went with his friend, Carter, that he has known since he was born and they started figuring out throwing the ball to each other. He was throwing the ball with another little boy and then ran over to Carter to throw the ball to him.

A little girl went down the slide in front of him and he clapped for her.

We brought his buckets and shovels to play with in the sand and he did such a good job sharing. I can see that "I want that toy I'm going to grab it" motion and I tell him to share and I can see him hesitate. So hard to have self control! Makes me so proud!

He loves books and his daddy. The other day he grabbed his hand and dragged him over to something. So cute. When he hears the garage door go up when Hubby gets home he runs over to me and wants me to pick him up and take him to see his daddy.
The weather has been pretty nice lately so we can spend a little time outside after dinner doing Chase's favorite thing, watering the plants. He's seriously obsessed. He constantly wants to be outside playing with the hose.

Last night a woman probably in her 80's walked by using a walker and Chase was just beaming at her. I'm sure I've said it before, but I truly pray he continues to have such a sweet heart and continues to share his smile with everyone he meets.

Chase has been spending lots of time with his Grandpa when I go to work. I am so relieved that it has been a pretty easy transition. Makes me glad I trusted my gut and the timing worked out that we could wait this long for me to return back to work. Chase has been awesome at taking naps for Grandpa which was my big concern. They have always had a special bond but I see that bond growing. So sweet!
We started working on night weaning and getting him to sleep through the night in his crib recently. I know, a little late but it is the right timing for us. It was hard the first time he woke up the first night but has been getting better. I'm hopeful that he will be sleeping through the night soon.
He loves to point to things and say "this". His favorite word is still Dada. He tries to say bye, bye but it kind of sounds like dada but he waves. Sometimes he will say duck or dog. It is crazy how much he understands. He surprised me when I said, "let's go in the back yard" and he walked over to the gate. Or when I was singing a song I rarely sing, "little bunny foo foo" and I said, "bopping 'em on the head" and he pointed to his head. We sing "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" a lot and he has the head and toes part figured out. Precious.
He has started using a fork. I have to get the door knob baby proof things because he has started opening doors. He climbs on everything! He pretends everything is a phone. He loves to brush his hair. He likes to color.
He is such a little helper around the house. He loves to vacuum. I saw his friend, Carter (again), wipe up a spill and had to teach Chase how to do that right away.
I'm just a very proud mama. When his Daddy gives him kisses before bed he pushes our heads together so we kiss. It is so cute! I am so blessed to have such an adorable little guy!


  1. He's such a cutie! Good luck with getting him to sleep through the night.

  2. That is so sweet! You can send your little "loves to vacuum" guy to visit me anytime! I am so impressed you guys tried camping with him, I wish I had the guts to do that.

  3. wait, you are working? I missed that! AND he is SOO TALL! HOLY COW! He would TOWER over Anika. haha. I love how much they want to Help. During a tantrum, I just have to say "Oh want to help me Xyz?!" and just like that, she is up and its over. lol.

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