Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh hi!

Did you miss me?

I was all excited to do a challenge your closet post this week because we were going to a wedding and I bought a cute dress.

Thursday afternoon Chase started sneezing a lot and ended up sleeping with us for some of the night and sneezing a lot then too. I told my dad when he came over to watch him that morning that he was sick. I also texted Hubby and let him know Chase was sick and I was worried about taking him to the wedding and getting other people sick. We canceled our hotel reservation and let everyone know we weren't going to make it.

I struggle sometimes with decisions like this. My child has been referred to as a bubble boy more than once. But you know what? I've never regretted a decision like this. My child and his health are my #1 priority.

I ended up getting sick too. I actually think I got something from one of the kids at school and gave it to Chase. This is the first time I have been sick when he is sick. Not fun! Hubby ended up going to the wedding. I started really feeling sick after he got home on Saturday night thank goodness.

Sunday morning was the worst day for me. We ended up going to the verizon store and joining the iphone club.

Isn't she pretty? We got Otter cases because our phones need to be indestructible. We have a toddler.

After a hot shower Sunday night I was feeling better. Hubby and I went to bed around 10 or 10:30 and then Chase woke up gasping for breath. He was crying and upset and we were all freaking out. In January Chase had bronchitis so we had breathing treatment meds and a machine left over. We decided to try a breathing treatment and see if it helped. When it didn't help we called our insurance 24/7 advice nurse. She wasn't much help so we called our personal 24/7 advice nurse my mom. I felt so bad waking my parents up at 11pm but we were really worried about Chase. We gave him some tylenol which seemed to help. We did another breathing treatment at 2am I think and Hubby was so ready to take him to the E.R. We made it through the night thanks to Bubble Guppies.

When he woke up at 8:30 we called the dr and the earliest they could see him was 10:15. Of course he seemed to be fine and we were worried the dr would say there was nothing wrong with him but we did want his ears checked to rule out an ear infection. Plus we thought they would hear fluid in his lungs even if he seemed fine.

We are so blessed to have an amazing group of pediatricians. We didn't see our regular doctor but the one we did see was so great with Chase. He even let her hold him! Hubby had thought there was something going on with Chase's throat. When the dr imitated the sound kids with croup make she sounded just like Chase had. She perscribed a liquid steroid for him to take. She said it is common for kids with croup to be more sick at night and to have 2 bad nights. The pharmacist told us getting Chase to sleep would be difficult.

I had no problem getting Chase to nap Monday and I decided I would nap too in preparation for what could be another long night. He slept in his crib for 1.5 hours and then with me for another 1.5 hours. A friend had told me not to let him nap very long so he would sleep better but I believe when sick, let them sleep!

I can not tell you how I have been that Chase is going to sleep for bed and naps fine. Last night was SO much better than the night before! No crying or freaking out or needing to be held or watch tv. 2 hour nap in his crib today which is why I have time to blog again!

Hoping to get our house and our lives back to normal!


  1. Aww, hope you all are feeling better real soon! :(

  2. I hope everyone feels better soon! Hang in there!

  3. I hope everyone feels better very soon!!!! :)

  4. Hope you guys feel better soon! Poor baby :(