Monday, July 2, 2012

Something in the water?

If you follow me on twitter you have probably seen me complaining about the non stop pregnancy announcements on facebook. Seriously, it is like every day.

A lot of the announcements are baby #2 announcements from the mom group I joined when Chase was around 3 months. I was telling Bekah the other night at dinner that I never thought about how these announcements would affect me. I think part of the reason is I thought we would be some of the first ones pregnant.

I mentioned the other day that we want our children close in age. I even discussed trying for #2 with a nurse when Chase was around 5 months old. The nurse told me that the dr would tell me to stop nursing. This is one of those topics that every doctor will tell you something different. Anyways, we are cheap and didn't want to have to buy formula so we decided I would nurse Chase until he was 1 and then start talking about baby #2 again at that time.

Most of the moms in the mom group I am in have kids close in age to Chase. There are 96 members in the facebook group but I only know like 30 I think. I think 11 or 12 of them are pregnant! That's a lot!

I wonder if people think about things before they post them on facebook sometimes. I'm not kidding you one mom said, "I guess I should have waited longer than 2 weeks after weaning my daughter to get pregnant."

There have also been some friends from high school that are pregnant with their first making their announcements.

I can really only think of 2 friends that announced their pregnancy on facebook before I got pregnant. One posted her positive pregnancy test the day she took it. Another had someone spill the beans for her and ended up having a miscarriage. We kept things private online for awhile for several reasons. We announced on facebook after we found out we were having a boy. The announcement was nothing exciting. It was before the times of pinterest and cute announcements.

I also told Bekah that I had pinned cute #2 announcements but wasn't sure if I would do them. I know first hand how hard it is to log in to facebook and see them. Bekah encouraged me to do one because they are pretty cute :)

I have to share the most recent and cutest facebook pregnancy announcement with you guys.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star
Christmas time is not that far.
A bundle of joy in Santa's sleigh...
BABY (I'll keep their last name private)LAY is on its way!!"

Isn't that the cutest?! What do you think about facebook pregnancy announcements? How did you handle it? What will you do for #2? Is there something in the water?!


  1. Wait, are you doing one? are you pregnant?
    I have seen some SUPER cute ones...and I would consider doing one for my blog but never on Fb. Hold me to it, ok? haha.

  2. You shouldn't complain about not being pregnant with your second child! Do you not think that people who read your blog may be struggling to get pregnant with number 1. That is pretty heartless of you.

  3. I think social media and the notion (not sure where it comes from) of having children 2 years a part is what fuels the desire to have babies close together.

    Especially if you have a really good baby, #2 is easier to think about. I get super excited when I see pregnancy announcements on social media - does it make me want to have another baby? Of course. Are we ready? Maybe? But who knows.

    We announced on FB after our NT scan (11-12 weeks). We told our close friends and family as soon as we got a positive. Next time? We may keep it to ourselves until we are ready - I think we are not as naive this time around:-) But..I do think ever baby should be celebrated - no matter if they are the first or 3rd, 4th, etc...

    Twitter and blogs surely make baby fever 100% stronger. Ha.

  4. There's definitely something in the water. I find it surprising when people announce on Facebook that they are prego just after they've found out. I mean, what if something happened? That would just be awful to have to explain. Having a baby is such a joyous time and it's easy to let excitement take over, but I think everyone needs to be mindful of what they put online whether it be baby announcements or any other personal matter. I'm not saying don't post on Facebook, but everyone just needs to be mindful of when they post baby announcements on FB. I'm with you, I think announcing when you find out the gender is a perfect time.

  5. I think when and how to make the announcement is completely up to the parents and we shouldn't judge. I think that the idea that you should wait because you might have a miscarriage is stupid. "A person is a person no matter how small." Explaining that you lost the baby is much easier than suffering in silence.

    I recently had a miscarriage and I regret that I didn't tell more people. Not only would that little life have been celebrated while it was with us, but I would have had a larger support group.

  6. I think for me it's always hard seeing pregnancy announcements. Since we are having such a hard time getting pregnant. I am obviously very excited and happy for my friends so good for them if they want to announce on Facebook or twitter. :)

  7. I don't want another baby anytime soon, but when I see pregnancy announcements (1 friend in real life is pregnant with #2, her kids will be 21 months apart and another friend is getting married in 3 weeks and TTC immediately) or pictures of cute pregnant bellies and snuggly newborns it does make me miss being pregnant. None of it changes my mind about when to try for another one, but I do look forward to having a second child someday (but I'm also terrified).

    When I was pregnant with Landon, we did announce it on FB when I was 10.5 weeks. We had seen the heartbeat twice and everything was looking great, so we decided to go ahead and spill the beans. We had told our families the day after I got a positive test, and our close friends found out in the following weeks. No one that was really close to us found out through FB, but it was fun to make the announcement anyway and we will do it again for the next baby.

  8. You so need to do a cute announcement with your second! I think every baby should be celebrated. So many of my friends are pregnant or have just had a baby and it's seriously the year of babies! Even though I'm having a hard time getting pregnant I still love the announcements. They can be hard to hear but I love each of them!

  9. I think I would do one for the blog but probably not FB.

    And to the anonymous comment....that is NOT heartless at all. Everyone has their own struggle and those are HER feelings that she is perfectly entitled to have.

  10. We are hopeful for #2 and yes, the blog/facebook/twitter announcements sometimes really get to me. I guess it depends on the time of the month and if I'm overly emotional! But really, I think people deserve to get excited and post their announcements in whatever cutesy way they want to. It's a new life. It's meant to be that exciting. We all have to come to terms with our struggles whether fertility or not and deal with them without being envious at what others have. Easier said than done, I know. My prayers are with ya for whatever the future holds for your family.