Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays for moms!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday
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Before I start talking about my tips and tricks for this week I have to mention that I also have a guest post on my friend Kristin's blog today. I shared one of our favorite recipes for her Tasty Tuesdays post. So hop on over there!

Today, I'm giving you an invaluable trick/tip! An indoor boredom buster! I don't know about you moms, but whenever I look on pinterest at my stuff to do with littles board, all there is for 1 year olds is paint projects! We have done cute art projects that I will share with you guys soon but we've also attempted other art projects and they have been disastrous.

There was a big fire near us last week and I wanted to stay in with C. So I turned to pinterest. I decided we were going to do marble painting. Then as I was driving to Target I started imagining him putting the marbles with paint on them in his mouth and I decided it was probably not a good idea.

Below is a picture of C in his favorite new toy. A box from Costco.

I save a lot of diaper boxes.  I put the clothes C has outgrown into them. I used them to transport birthday party supplies. As I was driving I was thinking I could make a tunnel for C to crawl through and play in by just taping some boxes together. So after seeing the tunnels you can buy are like $13, I decided to try it. 

Here is C crawling through the tunnel.
This was much more our style. No paint mess. Nothing to choke on.

So if it is hot or raining where you are. Grab some boxes and make a tunnel! Or just let your little one play in them.

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  1. Oh I love it! Saving this one for sure. I had planned to do another link up with you but never got a chance. I'm planning for next Tuesday already though!