Thursday, June 28, 2012

Munchkin Meals

My mom friend Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life started doing an amazing link up last week called Munchkin Meals. It is a must read and pin post with lots of ideas for solid feeding. I'm always looking for meal ideas for Chasers.

I wanted to link up last week and took pictures of what he ate but unfortunately he took forever to go to bed and I had to wait until this week to post. So here is what Chase eats :) Oh, he's almost 14 months and probably 25 or 26 pounds.

Breakfast: Kashi 7 grain waffle, banana, and orange from our neighbor's orange tree. On the weekends we do potatoes, peppers, and onions. Our doctor told us to avoid eggs but I might be ignoring that soon. Also going to try some new recipes.

I wanted to keep things realistic around here so I took after pictures so you could see what he actually ate. He pretty much ate the banana and one slice of the orange.
Snack: graham crackers
Lunch: cheese tortellini with red sauce, tomatoes, and spinach, mixed veggies, and watermelon. We do a lot of grilled cheese, quesedillas, and sometimes canadian bacon. I want to get some Chobani yogurt.
He was sick and tired this day so he pretty much ate the watermelon and some tortellini.

Snack: After he wakes up from his nap we usually run errands or do something fun. I loaded up his little snack thing with peach puffs and mixed berries yogurt melts and we went to the library.

I was getting hungry for a snack when we were at the library so I came home and had some cheese. Whenever I have cheese someone else wants some too.
Dinner: We have been trying to have meals that Chase can eat too but we haven't given up our Thursday night chicken tacos yet. I had saved his leftovers from lunch that I didn't put on his tray. I added some prunes and some beans, rice, chicken, and cheese from the tacos.
Chase usually eats the most at dinner. This was like 7:40 and I just decided he was done because it was late.


  1. Love this. What have you done about nursing/whole milk, etc? I am trying to prepare for the 12 month mark and have NO IDEA how to transition bottles of formula to whole milk.

  2. Love this post! I'm reading about baby led weaning and I'm so interested in what little people eat! Sounds like your guy likes fruit ;)

  3. We have those snack containers. Love them!

    I'm not allowed to have cheese without Landon having some too haha

    Our ped let me give L eggs at 9 months. He's not a fan of their texture, but he's not allergic to them

  4. Why did your pediatrician tell you to hold off on eggs after 1? We did egg yolks for 2 months and then all of a sudden my baby had an allergic reaction.

  5. im curious about the eggs too. I read to avoid the whites until after 1, but that the yolks are good. I wish we had an orange tree! yum. We have peach and apple but the bugs keep getting them ;((

  6. Not gonna lie, transitioning to big people food stresses me out a bit. Just wish Quinn could stay on breast milk forever lol.

  7. Maybe I eat like a one year old because that looks delicious. You are rocking the meals!