Monday, July 30, 2012

A hair tutorial for people that suck at doing hair!

Did you see I got a haircut? I've been dying to tell you all about the hair tutorial I finally found that works! I think my hair looks pretty good in those pictures. I used Kate at The Small Things Blog's How To Curl Your Hair With  A Curling Iron (full head tutorial).

I shower at night because I am a mom. Can I get an amen? I go to bed with wet hair because by the time the kid is in bed I'm ready for bed myself. I would love to roll out of bed in the morning with my hair done for the day. I've tried all the no heat curl methods and they don't work! See below.

I've tried other curling methods like the girl that was on Ellen that sings fast or the easy beach waves where you just twist your hair and put a straightner over it. They don't work. Or should I say give me the look I am after.

Not only does this curling method give me cute hair, it is super quick! The 2nd time I did it with my longer hair it took me 15 mins. With my shorter hair it only took 12.

You guys definitely have to check out Kate's blog and all her hair tutorials. I might be slightly obsessed with her hair. I might have taken in pictures of her hair when I got my haircut. I love the half up braids. It is definitely a go to hair style for me!

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  1. My hair does pretty much nothing. Right now, it just needs a desperate cut.