Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from Moms swimming lessons

Tips and Tricks Tuesday
This week I wanted to talk about swim lessons! Last week we finished up our 8 days of swim lessons at our local city pool. Remember I recently told you all that I had planned out my swimsuits and cover ups...

Swimming lessons tip #1: It is not a fashion show. I don't know about swim lessons where you live but Chase and I were the youngest mom/son duo. There were a few other skinny moms that rocked the two piece but there were some tankinis, one pieces, and even swim shirts? On the cool days those moms in the swim shirts were probably laughing at our skinny butts.

tip #2: Pray that your kid isn't the one crying but if they are don't sweat it. Day 1 one of the little boys was having a tough morning. Another mom said, "One of those mornings?" I'm sure she felt so much better after that. We also had a little girl that cried the entire 30 minutes every day. I think her mom and I both figured out she didn't like the cold. There was one warm day that she was fine. I could tell her mom was miserable the whole lesson and felt like she was torturing us. I didn't care. I just felt bad for them both.

tip #3 Be prepared for a lot of play time (I asked Hubby for another tip when I was at nine and without reading this he said these exact words) and your kid to have no clue the majority of the lesson. Again, I'm just speaking from my experience but C spent the majority of the lesson trying to drink the water when it was time to blow bubbles. He obviosuly had no response when she asked him what kind of ice cream he wanted to scoop or what kind of animal he wanted to be. He also wouldn't give her high fives. I thought she was going to suggest adaptive lessons.

tip #4 If your child is a giant like mine try to remind people how old he is and be super annoying and say his age in months. C was the same size as some of the almost 2 year olds so I wanted to be specific and tell them he was 14 months old. He's not 1 almost 2. He's barely 1. I only do the month thing with other parents and because of his size. I hope I won't have to do it forever! I'm really bad at math.

tip #5 Get yourself dressed and sunscreen before your baby. Then sunscreen your baby up, doing it with the tv on is helpful to distract them and keep them from wiggling. Then put the swim diaper on.

tip #6 Get yourself and your baby dressed and sunscreened before you leave the house if you can. We were only five minutes from the pool so it was much easier to do all that before we got there.

tip #7 Bring your stroller. It was nice to have a place to kind of contain C while I took my cover up off.

tip #8 After the lesson dry off and head out to the car. Change your baby out of the swim diaper in the car before putting them in the carseat. I swear those things don't actually hold any pee!

tip #9 PRAY that your baby doesn't drop a duece in the swim diaper. I hear it is no fun to clean up. We've never experience the #2 swim diaper. My boy knows when to hold it! Knocking on wood as I type.

tip #10 Invite the grandparents and Daddy to come watch if they can. Have them bring cameras. I may have told other moms I could teach them what we learned at swim lessons in 15 minutes in our pool but it was still a first and he loved it!

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  1. Great tips! The sunscreen one applies even to older kids! SO much easier at home!

  2. Love this post and these are great tips! I just started taking my 7 month old daughter to the pool. It is totally all about play time!

  3. Love the tips and tricks. New Follower from The Mommy Brain mixer! :)

  4. Great tips! I love it! I'm SO happy that you linked up with the Mommy-Brain Mixer, friend! I hope to see you again next week! :)