Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips and Tricks Tuesdays from moms

Tips and Tricks Tuesday
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This week I'm talking apps! I recently got to borrow my Dad's ipad and I'm totally obsessed! Hear that apple? You can send me one any time!

Now we try not to use technology too often with our little man. We want him to be a lover of the outdoors and we think the way we were raised was pretty great. I loved my childhood summers spent playing in the neighborhood with my friends and coming home when the street lights came on.

So far, we try to limit the tv watching. I only turn it on as a last resort. When he is in one of those hold me moods and I am busy doing something else or when he refuses to leave the dishwasher alone and I'm trying to empty or load it.

The Ipad is also a last resort tool for us. Like when he was standing up in his stroller at this clinic I was at getting a tb test. Hello, Ipad!

These are the apps we love (all are free because you know that's how I roll!):

The best app is Peekaboo HD. C is almost 15 months and can tap the hay bales to make the animal appear.

Fisher Price has 4 free apps that are great. C loves them all. Two have keyboards that you can play which he loves. One is animals and the other is body parts on a puppy and kitty with cute songs that he dances to.

Road Rally is an interactive Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. Love it!

Pirate School is Jake and the never land pirates and you put a picture of your kiddo on a pirate body. It is a little advanced but so freaking cute!

Animals Zoo is fun. Pretty basic, the animals make noise.

Since C liked the keyboard on the fisher price games I downloaded Epic Piano, Epic Banjo, and R-Tap Drums. They are ok.

OldMcDonald has some fun games. Only sings the first verse of the song on the free version.

Phone4kids has a lot of fun stuff on it. It has letters, painting, a phone, and pretend texting.

Twinkle star sings twinkle, twinkle and has fun games.

Those are our fave apps right now. What apps do your kiddos love? Write a post and link up! I think next week we will be talking about traveling with toddlers!


  1. There are also a lot of cool apps for McK. American Girl has some of my favorites! She uses them on my iPhone, but the iPad WOULD be nice! :)