Monday, January 11, 2010

This isn't la la land!

How do you deal with people who live in a dream land? I am a planner. I think everything out. People who don't do this drive me nuts! My problem is that I can't keep my mouth shut and let them continue to live in dream land. The thing that is even more frustrating is that when I try to burst their bubble they completely ignore the facts that I am giving them! When I hear their crazy plans that are never going to work I avoid the people because I don't want to go off on them. My hubby seems to not be bothered by the dream landers and I don't know how he does it. I was recently informed one of these never ending, never listening dream landers has made a decision that kind of affects my plan. Now I am left wondering if I should ignore their dream land plans and worry about my own realistic plan or if I should put off my own life so I keep the relationship closer. I emailed my wonderful friend T today about what is going on because she is not in dream land and gives great advice and is also kind of in a similar situation and she said I shouldn't let the dream landers slow my plan down. What do, you my wonderful frogs, think? Do you have people like this in your life? How do you deal with them?


  1. Im kinda a dont rock the boat guy...if you can go ahead with your plan without bursting there bubble, and it wont affect you, then thats what I would do...sometimes they need the bubble to survive...if there is no way to move forward with your plan without bursting the bubble , then I say use a great big pin and make it fast, kinda like ripping off a band aide...faster the better;)

    peace my friend

  2. I can't deal with them either! It makes me nuts!

  3. the worst part is if its DH...and you feel like your whole life depends on whether he descends into reality or not!

  4. I find it a lot easier to just be amused.

    I tend to make big, life-altering plans at the drop of a hat and then change my mind ten minutes later.

    My mom has learned to nod, smile and then roll her eyes when (she thinks) I'm not looking.