Monday, January 18, 2010

Once again a hot mess

Something similar to this happened yesterday. I allowed people to come over for the football game because that is what the guest of honor wanted. The guest of honor was my friend Ty. He is leaving on our birthday Feb. 1st for South America for two years. He joined the peace corps. He is going to the east coast and trying to see everyone before he leaves so yesterday was our last chance to see him. He mentioned he might start a blog while he is away. I will let you know if he does. I feel like two years is such a long time! I am worried that keeping in touch will be difficult. I am definitely going to miss him this summer. Summers he is home from college and the whole group hangs out a lot.

So we got the apartment all nice and clean and then had people over. We ate tons of junk food and drank beer. So the apartment is messy and I am tired.

I forgot to do a post on Jan. 11th our three month anniversary! How quickly we forget huh!

I am feeling the need to plan something. My birthday is in two weeks and I have nothing planned. I always get lost in the shuffle because so many other people have birthdays around the same time as me.

Maybe we will plan a trip to San Francisco.

My mom is going to be here soon so I have that to look forward to!


  1. a trip to SF is always fun! :)

  2. Hopefully you weren't rooting for San Diego.

  3. Oy vey! 2 years is a LONG time!! But if he has access to a computer and is able to blog, it could be a great way for you all to keep in touch (and for us to get a little peek into life in the peace corps!) A trip to San Francisco sounds like a great idea! Have a cup of coffee at Cafe Roma for me!