Friday, January 22, 2010

Six years ago today

If you need a refresher go here and if you need to go further back the link is there.

My roommates and I were having a great time at a friend's apartment. My friend R called and wanted to hang out. So she, her boyfriend, and Hubby came over.

I must have been looking good that night because Hubby and his best friend at the time were both flirting with me.

The details are fuzzy due to my memory and having some drinks that night. I remember there wasn't too much going on at the friend's apartment so we decided to go over to best friend at the time's house. We all crammed in Hubby's car. He hadn't been drinking. Don't worry. He had a two door. R and her boyfriend crammed in the back. Some how her cell phone fell out of her purse or something. We hung out some more. Hubby showed a little interest in me. Best friend at the time showed a little interest in me. We then made plans to all go roller skating the next day.

Later R realized she had lost her phone and started calling Hubby from my phone. Maybe she was using her boyfriend's phone for the number and mine to dial. I swear none of this was planned. Unless Hubby and R planned it. But anyways, she gave him my number to call back on to discuss the phone.

The next day, Hubby called me...
to be continued tomorrow!