Saturday, January 30, 2010

The last 6 years ago today!

It is the last one!

We left off with Hubby asking me if he could take me out to dinner on Friday night.

I said, "Of course! You want to take me out on a real date? How sweet!"

You know how college boys are, they like to do the "hang out" thing and rarely take girls on dates. So I figured that is what Hubby and I were doing. I was so surprised when he wanted to take me on a date!

I don't remember what I wore that night. I don't really remember getting ready. I think Hubby showed up on time and rang the doorbell. I think my roommate answered the door. I remember walking to the door and he had something behind his back. It was a dozen red roses!!! I had never had a boy bring me flowers on a first date! My roommate said, "I knew he was going to bring flowers!"

We went to a little family owned Italian restaurant in downtown Chico. Sadly it is no longer in business. But when we lived there it was one of our favorite places. We like restaurants that give you bread.

I remember conversation being easy. I remember him slurping his linguine with marinara. Guys, just a tip, I wouldn't eat pasta on a first date if you are a slurper. But I think I must have already been in love, because I didn't care.

I don't remember what else we did that night.

It was the best first date I ever had. It was our anniversary that we celebrated for 5 years together. Today we will not say happy anniversary to each other because we have a new anniversary, our wedding anniversary!


  1. aww such a sweet story! ahaha to the slurping!

  2. awesome story, but we old guys still do the hang out thing...I think its a guy thing, hehe we never really growe up all the way, or at least I never have, just call me peter pan, lol

  3. Very cute. Seriously though, men are SUCH messy eaters! I haven't dated one guy who didn't get food on his face during at least one meal per day. So funny though.

  4. suuuuure you don't remember what else "you did" that night. sure.