Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monkey Meat

I am working on a post about my engagement ring and wedding band. I need to take a picture of the two together in the sun light. I hope the sun is still out when I get home.

I found out today that my friend and work who also shares my birthday, which is coming up! Is planning on bringing monkey meat, yeah not like a funny name for some marinated chicken, meat from those furry animals with long tails.

Hubby heard this news and said he isn't sure if he is going to try it. I heard this news and when I asked if I would it eat said NO! and shook my head.

In my first post I talked about how I am a picky eater and don't like spaghetti os. But I don't know if I have expressed the extent to you all. One my wedding day my uncle wrote a blog about how I take the picky eater thing to a whole new level.

At the new job people have taken me to lunch or asked me if I like different foods and I always tell them I only like chicken nuggets. I tell them ask Hubby and he tells them, "Yep she only eats chicken nuggets and cheese fries".

Seriously, a guy just walked in from lunch and asked me if I had chicken nuggets for lunch and I said no we had pizza. He said, "cheese?" I said, "No pepperoni. I started eating pepperoni in sixth grade."

I will let you know what goes down with the monkey meat. I want an iphone or blackberry so I can take pictures more sly like.


  1. I dont think saying no to monkey meat is being picky, its being smart...eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww seriously, monkey meat? :(


  2. If it makes you feel any better. I would not eat monkey meat :)

  3. Is that even legal? I'd stick with the chicken nuggets too.