Monday, January 4, 2010

My Christmas Vacation part 2

So Christmas Eve morning, Dad ate breakfast with the in-laws and I and then was off to see his favorite child, the dog. Hubby's fam and I had plans to meet up with some family friends at the bowling alley. I don't think I shared with you the amazingness that is my bowling technique. The first time I went bowling this decade was for our work christmas party this year. I got a 52 and was made fun of the whole next day. So I was given some pointers by dear old Dad and figured around friends and family I might do better. I started off with an amazing 92. Then I struggled and had a 78. In the last game I had a 110 in the 8th frame, and they shut the game off!! Hubby did better than at the holiday party too. I had fun spending time with our friends and family.

Then we had to go back to the house and get ready for Christmas Eve dinner. The amazing cook that is my mil made a prime rib roast, roasted potatoes, and garlice sourdough bread. We are so spoiled! I must have started watching A Christmas Story at 10 because I didn't finish watching it until 12. I had never seen it before and Hubby's family loves it. I love it now too and hope it is a tradition we continue. You have to see it once so you know what is going on, cause its a crazy movie. But waking up Christmas morning and turning it on while we wait for the parents to wake up was probably my favorite.

As I said, I watched Christmas Story until midnight. Then we went to bed so Santa didn't skip our house because we were awake. We woke up around 9:30 and went out to the stocking room. Brother (in law) was already awake and playing Madden. Then the parents got up shortly after and we opened our stockings.

Then we had home made cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast. Another new tradition I am a fan of was mimosas! Then we opened presents. We realized we were running a little behind when Aunt K and cousin M came over. They told us they weren't going to come over until around 1 and we thought we would have been gone by then. Not still unwrapping presents in our pjs!

We finished up presents and raced to get showered and packed up. That was my least favorite part. I wish we could lolly gag and get to everyone's houses. I don't know how people do more than two houses in one day!

The drive to my cousin J's wasn't too bad. The hubby and I kept ourselves entertained while singing duets to Christmas songs. Dad was already at J's cause he figured out like I did that the stepbrother (dog) is boring. My cousin K has a 9 month old that is the pride and joy of the family. We all adore him and love to make him smile. I think Hubby was a little bored with the baby. He says hi to him and stuff but doesn't really get into the loud noises and cooky faces the rest of us do.

Then on Boxing Day (Canadian holiday, have I mentioned I am half Canadian?), we had "Christmas morning" with my parents. We did stockings again and had cinnamon rolls again, and opened more presents!

Then I took Hubby to get his H1N1 shot. We went to Target for some cheap wrapping paper and labels. We met up with the high school friends again. This time two of the boys we were friends with that hadn't come last time were able to join us. Love catching up with everybody and hearing who is divorced, getting married, having babies, etc.

Then we had to leave dinner and get home since we were leaving early in the morning. We had a wonderful Christmas. So glad we were with family. I loved making new traditions with Hubby and I hope all the families become closer as the years go on.


  1. family always seems to make things better somehow;)


  2. 1/2 Canadian?

    Which half would that be?

    I hope that half has it's greencard. Or at least half a greencard.

  3. Yes, Boxing Day in Canada! I just love our national holidays. Of course I joined the million other people in the mall, but what ev, the deals were amazing!