Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So random I don't even do my random thoughts on the same day as everyone else!

*This is a picture of the top contender for the bridesmaid dress I will have to wear in June. We haven't tried it on or found out the price, but I like it! What do you guys think?
*What do you wear on Thanksgiving when it is going to be 77 degrees?!
*My brother-in-law proposed to his wonderful, hilarious, caring girlfriend recently. I am getting a sister! Kind of glad they are just enjoying being engaged for now and the wedding might not be for a year or so. I feel like these weddings are happening non-stop!

*Work with the Hubby is going great! I am sure there are a lot of people out there that wouldn't want to work with the person you live with, but some how we are making it work! It hasn't really been hard at all.

*Found out today I get Friday off too! Poor Hubby has to come in though!

*Excited for Thanksgiving with friends and football and I am grateful for everything in my life!!!
*I realized today that I stold the frog (blog friends) thing from Jen at Jen's Voice. They are both funny and I am blonde!
*It is on on my frogs' birthday tomorrow! Yes Thanksgiving! She is roll on the floor funny! Check her out and let her know where you heard about her!

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  1. Cute dress! I also work with my husband and love it. I will be wearing a skirt and top tomorrow as it will be warm where I am, too. What else? I love MODG, too!

    Happy almost Thanksgiving!