Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling Random Today

I spend way too much money in the vending machine at work. 25 cents for a handful of skittles and the money goes to kids with cancer? Tottally worth it!

Why isn't there a cents symbol on my keyboard?

I broke my no alcohol and caffeine thing after about a week. Moving was horrible! (aha blog idea!) I was stressed and couldn't do anything because there were no boxes. My friend that was there with me decided it was close enough to 11am (reasonable time, right?) for a beer. I had to agree. After that first beer, moving was a lot more fun! Lunch was a delicious margarita! But preggo S and nosey B weren't around.

Went to a follow up appointment with eye doctor. A week early, on accident, because I am blonde. Everyone keeps asking me if I take my contacts out at night. After a girl I knew slept with hers in one night and ripped part of her eyes off, um heck yes! I guess its ok now cause the contacts are high tech, aka totally slippery and fall off my finger. After 12 years of taking them out at night there is no reason to leave them in. I like taking them out, it is more comfortable. Leaving them in is GROSS!

I know I started that blog about getting weird calls at work, you guys just let me know if you get sick of me telling you about work, but when I tell you someone is not available, and ask would you like to leave them a voicemail or can someone else help you, "I am returning his call". Is not a response! The other day someone said choice A. Kinda funny and I say the options so often I knew what he meant, so I put him on hold. And don't interupt me when I am giving you choices! Just pisses the recptionist off! When I temped for a couple days as a telemarketer they taught you how to get past the "gate keeper". That was what they called the receptionist. In our office phone calls are essential so I don't deny very many people. But when I can tell you are a telemarketer, I love to play the "gate keeper".

I grabbed underwear from the bottom of my drawer today and did not realize until I got to work that there was no elastic! I don't know what happened! Did the elastic disentegrate in my drawer? They are going in the trash the minute I get home! I have total droopy drawers!


  1. A lack of cents symbol probably means that pc manufacturers are betting their bottom dollar on cents going the way of the dodo. As for you underwear, look at it this way... if they're really, really loose you might not have to wait until you get home to throw them away.

  2. OMGGG no elastic... wth!!! and yesss. people are sooo damn weirdddddddddd

  3. Too, too funny! Our very own little miss droopy drawers!