Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Picture Obesession!

Hello! I feel like I have been super absent from blogging lately. I told myself blogging at work wasn't being a "great" receptionist. Thanks Suze Orman on Oprah for making me try to be great at something! Anyways, I told myself I would blog at home, don't want to leave you all without me! Blogging at home didn't happen! We moved, everything is still not ready for the apartment warming party on Sunday. We got our professional pictures from the wedding! I am obsessed with all 594 of them! I put them on my computer at work and just watch as they all flicker by. Anyways, my mom wants me to make her a scrapbook with pics from the wedding. We ordered christmas cards last night. People get them at Walmart! I haven't seen them yet but they were cheap!! Then I will have to pick out pictures for my album and scrapbook. Phew! So yeah, haven't had blogging on the brain. That is all I have got time for! Miss ya!


  1. Ed, I love that you completely didn't listen to my warning and followed me anyway. Can't really complain though!

  2. You'll have to post more! I love wedding photos! :)