Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weekend Recap Wednesday

Friday- the usual relax and catch up on old tv shows.

Saturday- Woke up in the mood for Christmas! Watched Elf and drank hot chocolate! I had finished Nora Roberts' Tribute and wanted to get to the library. It closes at 2:30 on Saturday and isn't open on Sunday. Then I remembered I needed to call the bank and order checks with my new name. Found out that you have to go in to have that done. Thanks "guy that changed my name" for not thinking of it when I was there! So we complied a list of errands to run, got ready for the day and we were off.

First stop was the apartment office to pay rent. We have the best apartment staff so we chatted for awhile. Then I asked if there were bigger places up in our little twenty apartment gated complex. She said, no, but we have some really good deals on one bedrooms done here. Let me know when you are ready. In our complex you can transfer before your lease is up. We told her to call us and let us know what she has available.

We then went to the bank. There were several people waiting to meet with the people who sit at desks. We signed in and sat down. There was the lady that is always working that accidentally closed my checking account one time, she's not our favorite, and some other lady. The lady that is not our favorite had a lady at her desk that paid the wrong mortage. We had wamu which is now chase. Not our favorite lady already had issues, obviously, she closed my checking account! So she has no clue how to use the new computer system. The other lady told the people sitting at her desk she would be right back. We never saw her again. So when the lady who paid the wrong mortgage almost had a melt down because she is going to Australia for a bad reason and then left, not our favorite lady went to the list and called me! I was surprised because there was a guy that was there before us but oh well. To the desk! Not our favorite lady didn't know how to change someone's name and couldn't figure out which name was my maiden name and which was my married name. She's special! So she had to call someone over. We will see if the checks ever come and what the heck they say.

I told my fellow book club member, my mom, that I was done with Tribute and none of my books on hold were ready to be picked up. She suggested I start with the Thomas Kinkade books. So I picked up Cape Light. Just getting into it, its ok. Tribute was pretty good, fyi.

Then we went to the mall. Had to return earrings I bought for the wedding that I didn't end up wearing. The earrings were a dilema right up until a couple days before the wedding when my mom and I were at the mall getting my rings cleaned and decided to stop in Claires. The earrings to my necklace were there and it was so perfect! I was so excited! Anyways, so returned the other ones I bought. We also went to crate and barrel to spend gift cards on stuff we didn't get that we registered for, love crate and barrel! While we were at the mall we got a call from the lady that works in the apartment office. She told us she had a couple apartments available and we should stop by so she could show them to us.

We stopped by target to do the spend gift cards on stuff we didn't get thing. Also love target!

Then we went to the apartment office again. She let us into the model of a 750 sq ft apartment. Let me remind you we currently live in a 600 sq ft apartment and with all the wedding presents and the new stuff, we are too crowded and on top of each other! We liked the 750 sq ft place, the kitchen and closet were really big. I couldn't figure out what we would do with the couches and tv in that place though. There weren't enough walls. Then she took us over to an upstairs 800 sq ft that a lady had just transfered out of. The moment I walked in I said, "I like this place better!" Right when you walk in, there is a huge living room and dining room with the patio attached. The kitchen is a little more closed off than our current place, but that just means more cabinets! It still will be ok for entertaining. It is farther away from the road than our current place. We have sirens driving by frequently that make talking on the phone or watching tv difficult. There is a view of the hill we currently live on, we aren't looking into anyones windows. If you walk around to the other side of the building there is a pool, spa, bbq, fitness room, and fireplace. When we found out it would only be $50 more a month we said sign us up!

Sunday: Football. Got the call that we could move in next Saturday. Went down to the office again and signed the paperwork!! We are so excited to have a bigger place finally!

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