Thursday, October 7, 2010


When tragedy strikes I have to blog. Tonight, while watching The Challenge (I think Cutthroat I can't keep up) on MTV I was so excited to see Melinda. She was on the Real World Austin season. She is drop dead gorgeous and the handsome guy from Boston, Danny, won her heart that season.

Could they be any cuter? Danny proposed to Melinda on the reunion special for their Real World season. Danny was on The Challenge Fresh Meat 2 and spoke of highly of his marriage to Melinda.

Sweetsies. So I see Melinda, I get excited. I see Brad and Tori are still together. Where is Danny? Or there is some guy with a hat on, must be him. Melinda gets picked to be on a team and starts talking. She says, "I married Danny from my season Real World Austin... and we are now going through a DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Are you kidding me? Do these people not know how much I care about them? Clearly I care more than they do about each other! First every couple on the Bachelor breaks up and now Real World couples?!!!

Brad got "wifed up" by Tori and I guess I won't hold my breath with that relationship! I mean I knew when Jen and Brad broke up that there really was no hope, I almost shed a real tear for these people!

PS I realize this is not an actual tragedy but if you read my blog you shouldn't have high expectations.


  1. LOL I found out about Danny and Melinda months ago and had the same reaction. Real World Austin was my fav....obviously dvr twin. And I loved them together. I thought they would last. I love Brad and Tori so cute. And I love you watch the Challenge I seriously thought I was alone there.

  2. I had the same reaction when I found out a few months ago!! I was watching MTV randomly a while back and saw the Real World which made me wonder about my favorite couple. I loved Danny so much. He was so sweet and omg he and Melinda were great together =[ It pretty much ruined my day when I found that out.

  3. Noooooo. I haven't watched in years but I loved Danny and Melinda!!

  4. I remember watching their season. I'm really surprised that they didn't make it.