Sunday, October 3, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

If you follow me on twitter, you know I lost my hobby lobby virginity this week. Hobby lobby is uhmazing! Since this is our first year in our house we need a ton of Christmas decorations and hoblob (I can call it that now right?) had all their Christmas stuff 40% off!!! Hubs was not so excited that I spent $100. I think he was also a little bummed that I picked out stuff that we will have for the next 50 years without him. And he's a control freak woman that has to have an opinion on all home decor!

This brought up my Christmas tree anxiety. I knew I wrote a post about it before but I couldn't find it. I started to write the post again. I searched for pictures of trees that I liked and for reals started to title it the same and then I saw you could search for posts and found it. So for newcomers or if you missed it before, why I have Christmas tree anxiety...

10/3/10 We have started looking into buying a house. Buying a house to me means painting and new couches and a dining room table. It also means a big pretty Christmas tree! Growing up my parents had a Christmas tree that has so many memories on it. Anything that semi resembled an ornament went on that thing. I'm not kidding you. You know those candy containers that have a string on top? Yeah that's an ornament at our house. An eraser? Definitely! We laugh and have a great time every year putting the ornaments on the tree together. You always have to be careful not to squeeze the Oliver and Co. ornament because one year it played it's little song non stop and spent Christmas in the closet.

Hubby's family does the micellaneous ornaments too. Not quite to the same extent. But we've talked about what our tree will look like and he wants one with memories like our parents have.

Well, I don't. I think the compromise might be two trees. I want a designer tree. I love the trees in the department stores that are all on color scheme and have no personalization. That's what I would put in front of the living room window at our new house. We can put the crazy mish mash tree in the family room or something.

It is hard finding pictures of designer trees I like. I finally found two after about an hour searching I think.

The compromise was I took the white lights I bought back to hoblob and got colored lights.


  1. I have different trees at my for the litchen with food and kitchen ornaments and then the big tree

  2. I love the first one! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and we have a few trees.