Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Commencement: Part One

I recently started reading Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan because it is the second book in the blogger book club. So far enjoying it. So if you are reading it to I would love to hear your comments. These are some answers to questions about Part 1. I don't think I give anything away so you could read this and see if its something you would be interested in reading.

1. I identify the most with Celia. I definitely wasn’t engaged when I went away to college like Bree, I hadn’t lost my mom like Sally, and am not into protests and feminism like April. Celia was kind of just a normal girl with a normal family going off to college.

2. My freshman year of college was pretty similar to these girls. I wasn’t at an all girls school, but there were 5 girls living all in the same area and we became friends quickly. All the talking and getting to know each other and the parties reminded me of my college experience. Unfortunately, do to some circumstances out of my control, two break ins and meeting the love of my life, I no longer speak to any of those girls. My girls are my friends from high school. They were the ones in my wedding part.

3. I think I would have to say Bree has changed the most. She went from being engaged to a guy to being with a woman.


  1. I love the answers to your questions--totally agree with your #1! :) I'm so glad you're reading along!

  2. So true about Bree! What a change. An engaged debutante to a pseudo lesbian. Definitely wouldn't have pegged her the one to go down that path!

  3. Looking for a new book to read, just finished the Help. I will have to check this out :-)