Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chasing a phenomenon

I love when Harpo interviews authors. When I turned on Friday's Harpo and heard she was interviewing JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, I thought about turning it off. I think most of you know most of my life I have strived toward the goal of one day teaching in my own classroom. When I was student teaching in a sixth grade classroom I picked up a Harry Potter book and tried to start reading it. I can't remember how many pages I gave it, maybe 100, and I gave up.

I am glad I didn't turn that interview off. JK Rowling is an amazing woman. As I said before, I love to watch interviews of authors. I love to hear how they came up with the idea for their book. Stefenie Meyer's phenomenon was created from a dream. JK Rowling had the idea for her phenomenon while riding a train. I know there is a part of my heart that is an author. It is in my blood. My grandfather wrote stories, my father wrote stories, and my uncle has written books that may one day be a phenomenon. But I don't think the idea for a book will ever come to me. Do you all also hope the idea will come to you?

As I said before, I was glad I watched that interview because JK Rowling is amazing. Her life story of being a depressed poverty stricken single mother and now the only billionare author. There was a point in the interview where Harpo and JK talked about what it is like to have so much money. Kind of interesting but not a reality for most of us.

The discussion they had about Michael Jackson always trying to chase the phenomenon of the Thriller album was very interesting. JK and Harpo have realized they can't top their seperate phenomenons. They are both at the place where they are ending that part of their lives. Does Harpo have to mention her network every day? We all know about the network Harpo!

I might give Harry Potter another try.


  1. JK's story is amazing! I really hope she writes some more books for the HP series one day!

  2. I listened to the HP series on audio books rather than reading the actual books and LOVED it! The guy (Jim Dale??) who reads them does all these different voices and it's amazing. He's won several Grammy's for his work. If you're not feeling the book, get the audio version from the library and pop it in your car as you drive and you'll be so hooked you'll want to sit in your car once you get to your destination just to keep listening!

  3. I'm actually re-reading Harry Potter right now in anticipation of the last movie. I just adore the books. I like how the 1st one is very easy reading but each one gets more difficult and much darker.

    Give them a try....JK really knows how to tell a Hero story. It's right up there with Star Wars, as far as I'm concerned.

  4. I LOVE Harry Potter. Definitely give it another try, and try to make it through the first book and into the second. As the series goes along, the writing grows along with the characters. Or maybe watch one of the movies, then try reading. Good luck! :)

  5. I saw that Oprah show too! JK seems like a nice woman and is in the right place now after struggling for so long. It's always nice to hear a rags to riches story!

  6. ive never read harry potter either i think i made 100 pages in like you. I think you should totally try writing sometimes its just a matter of siting down and seeing what comes out. could be reality or maybe it'll come out fiction. i would read:)

    love the new header

  7. I think what is most amazing about the HP books is the level of detail they have. I heard an interview several years ago with JK on NPR where she talked about the in-depth notes she kept on all the characters. You should give them another shot- but if they're still just not your style, well that's ok too!

  8. I was reading this blog and became embarrassed when I realized I have never let you read the novels. If you want to I will send them your way. They are kind of dark. My new one is much lighter (and better so far).

    You should check out The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. They (it's a trilogy) are really good. Read the 1st to my class and they loved it.

    Writing is an interesting thing. I have found I do better when I don't wait for the story. I just make myself write everyday. I hope if you are struck with the story, you make sure to write down the bones.