Sunday, April 11, 2010

Read this whole post! You guys will never believe this!

A lot of you probably don't know about my love for the hilarious DANE COOK! You can see my first post about him here. Here is a picture from when we payed around $50 per person to see him in San Diego when he was on tour. He is very small and far away.

We went to Los Angeles Saturday morning. I didn't tell you guys cause I don't want you to break into my house and steal Blue. Friday when I was asking a work friend about stuff we should do in LA he said go to Sunset strip. I was looking at Sunset strip (aka working hard) and saw Laugh Factory. As a huge DANE COOK fan I thought we should go there and it would be BEYOND AMAZEBALLS if DANE COOK randomly stopped by. Everyone was down with going to Laugh Factory because we aren't really let's try to get into clubs with the Hills stars people.

When we first got to LA we did a hike of Runyan Canyon. There is a scene in I Love You Man when they are sitting on a bench that is crazy high above the LA skyline. We took pics by that bench. They don't every show you the crazy steep 100 stair hike after the bench. But since I'm trying to get a brazil butt lift without the video I was all done to huff and puff my booty up the crazy steep hill.

We had an amazing lunch at a place called The Counter. You get to pick your meat and toppings and it is all delicious and I had the milkshake of the month a cookie milkshake. Love that place!

Then we were relaxing and hanging outand the boys went to get beer. So I decided to contact my friend DANE COOK on all the social networking sites and try to get him to come to Laugh Factory. I tweeted him @danecook are you coming to laugh factory tonight? My cute blonde friend and I would DIE if you showed up! xoxo

You have to mention the cute blonde friend because that is motivating for men.

Then the boys came back and we were talking and trying to figure out buying tickets for Laugh Factory. I yelped it like I do every decision I make. Some people mentioned there was a guest list. So we called and tried to get on the guest list. We were unsuccesful at this but the guys just happens to mention there.
a special.

DANE COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really told my friend, "Shut up! You are lying." I thought the guy had hung up on here and she was pretending to be on the phone with him still and that he was saying DANE COOK would be there. She freaked out and threw the phone at me and I was too in shock to talk. Apparently I thought DANE COOK was on the phone, I'm not sure.

Long story short, I was afraid for anyone to post anything on facebook or tell anyone. I wanted Dane to be little secret and I was so afraid we would jinx it and he woudln't show up. I made them knock on wood like 30 times.

But my dreams came true! He made a guest appearance! It was a short set and he told some jokes I had heard before. And Dane, honey, love you lots, but were we not trying so much with the outfit? My love for him continues to grow. I will always be an adoring fan. I was thinking I should have made THE LIST so I could have told Hubby, well he's on my LIST. And tried to sleep with him. But I think Hubby and I don't make LISTS because we are both really attractive and know we could probably get with people on THE LIST and that would be sads. (If you don't know about THE LIST, you probably didn't watch FRIENDS and I probably don't like you. j/k) I also like to think Dane is an amazing human being that would say, "You are sexy and attractive and I would totally sleep with you, but I couldn't do that to your marriage."

Surferwife, does this count as a celebrity encounter?


  1. This pretty much made your life, so yes, I would say this is a celebrity encounter!

    That is so freaking awesome! How exciting for you.

  2. I love this story love!! I am so happy for you and dane is for sure hilarious!

  3. that is so awesome!!!! so fun! And glad you had a good secret trip! I was planning on steal blue for sure!! :)

  4. haha! that is so awesome! And yes I totally know about The List from Friends!

  5. Sounds like a great time. I love Dane Cook!!!! You are soooo lucky!

  6. how awesome!!
    dane cook is hilarious!

  7. That's awesome! First time I heard him I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

  8. My fear for you grows on a daily basis :)

  9. I love Dane Cook too! I paid money to see him once but my seats sucked! But if he ever comes back you can bet your butt I will be purchasing tickets!

  10. love Dane Cook!! I just watched Vicious Circle not to long ago and died the whole way through. people always tell my boyfriend he reminds them of Dane Cook, and he loves it lol