Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not your average Easter

Easter morning Hubby and I went to Hubby’s Uncle’s house for breakfast. We had bacon and corn cakes with strawberries. I hadn’t had corn cakes until I met Hubby. Have you guys had them? Let me know if you want the recipe.

Anybunny, after stuffing our faces we went for a little walk. I was not wearing appropriate foot attire, as usual. The walk was in a lovely grassy wild flower area. That means I started sneezing and continued like once a minute. Luckily, the walk wasn’t very long.

I had taken the wedding album to show them for fun. Uncle said it was so modern compared to theirs and whipped out his two volumes of wedding albums. I love seeing pictures of little Hubby.

I had a ton of laundry to do this weekend and hadn’t gone to the grocery store so we left the Uncle’s around 12:30.

We got our chores done and we were relaxing on the couch watching tv around 3:30.

Then our Ikea mirror started shaking.

We live in a second story apartment so the mirror could have been shaking for a couple reasons. Sometimes people walking up the stairs loudly can make rattling noises or sometimes the washing machine can get going for whatever reason.

We looked at each other and the floor started moving.

I said, “Earthquake?”

He said, “Yeah" and got up from the couch.

The good tv addict I am paused the show we were watching and said, “Go to a door way.”

He went to the front door and I said, “No, come over here.”

We stood in our bedroom doorway petrified.

I said, “Should we go outside?” Thoughts of the apartment building crumbling around us were racing through my head. If we go outside what are we going to do with the bunny? Is the bunny ok where he is?

The shaking stopped and I checked on the buns. He was eating. Probably concerned about when his next meal will be if there was an emergency. He gets more scared when we cook in the kitchen. I think he is really started to worry we might make good on the bunny stew threats.

Then I called my parents. They were surprised that we actually went to a door way. My dad has felt earthquakes but not enough to go to a door way. They said to watch the news. After we got off the phone with our parents I said to Hubby, “Are we sure that wasn’t the dryer?”

I found the usgs website and it said there was an earthquake in Baja California . I thought maybe that was what we felt. Then I checked facebook. Everyone was posting about the earthquake. I texted my friend that was supposed to come over for dinner and is visiting for a marine training. I said, “Did you feel that?” He replied, “Yeah they made us evacuate.”

It was a 7.2 earthquake. Pretty big folks.

There hasn’t been any major damage to people or property reported in the U.S. Two people in Mexico were killed and several people injured.

The next day, at work, when the marines were flying loudly over our building; I was a little freaked out. Loud rumbling make me nervous now. My desk at work rattles if I breathe. Also a little nerve racking.

Thanks to our trusty $20 Ikea mirror we know when the earth is shaking at home. Monday night while watching tv it shook a little and I asked our friend the earthquake expert and he said there was an aftershock around 9:30. Thank goodness for our Swedish alarm.


  1. glad that you guys made it through safe and sound!! pretty crazy!!

    what is a corn cake?!

  2. SCARY! I'm glad that we don't have earthquakes up here.

  3. So glad to know you and your fam are ok.

  4. There have been more than 80 aftershocks. Crazy, right?

    I feel like my brain is perma-rattled.

    If you follow CAQuake (or something like that) on Twitter it updates whenever an aftershock happens.

  5. Uhh... I am so glad you all are okay! These earth quakes are making me nervous. I think we have only had one over here on the East Coast... (at least I think it was.. it was years ago).

    I will probably pee my pants if we ever get one over here!

  6. I knew IKEA was amazing for a reason!

  7. I felt it too! I heard the shower door rattling first and then felt the ground move. It didn't freak me out enough to move to a door way though!

  8. Yikes, scary. I have never felt an earthquake and I hope I never do! Glad everyone is okay!

  9. I'm glad you are okay! That must have been scary! I'm so glad you had the sense to pause your t.v.show. Haha, that is too funny!

  10. Wow. I know it was a scary situation, but I laughed when you paused the tv show and CHECKED FACEBOOK for the news update on the earthquake.
    Glad you are all ok though!

  11. This is so crazy to me! It makes me glad I'm on the East coast..much less potential for earthquakes here! So glad you were ok, but it'll be a memorable Easter!

  12. Wow, thank God y'all are okay!

    I love that Easter picture! It always makes me laugh when I see it.

    P.S. I don't think you're supposed to go outside after or during an earthquake, for a while. Not that I know because I've never experienced one, but thats what I've heard.

  13. I definitely felt that earthquake too, I was with my boyfriend in Long Beach and it lasted a while. Glad it wasn't bigger and that more people were not hurt. It does make me scared for bigger quakes but I guess I can't be afraid over circumstances I cannot control.

  14. Wow that's crazy, god bless those Swedes! :)