Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday Topic

I use these tips and tricks to take great pictures:

You can also mention what camera you have.

Our digital camera was a raffle prize probably 5 years ago. All of you take such wonderful pictures and it has inspired me to ask you for tips and tricks. Also, what cameras do you use? Can't wait for you guys to link up!!!


  1. I am such a camera idiot. I can contribute nothing to this one. But, I will be happy to read everyone elses tips and tricks.

  2. psh! My camera is so sucky! haha i need a new one BAD!

  3. I have a Kodak 10x optical zoom camera.
    It's a point and shoot but it takes some pretty awesome pictures.

  4. I'm dying to upgrade my Canon point and shoot to a Rebel SLR! Those are great tips!