Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 favorite things about summer:

1. Beach Days

We live about 20 mins from the beach. I tell myself if we lived closer I would be at the beach every day. I would run at the beach, do yoga at the beach, and lay out. IDK if this would really happen, but let’s pretend.

Not being walking distance from the beach makes things a little more difficult. You have to pack up all your stuff and possibly food and find a parking spot. That usually means going to the grocery store and having the necessary beach foods (sandwiches and chips and Gatorade) and waking up early enough to get parking.

If I am going to do all this preparation, I want to get a tan. This requires wearing a bikini. I am a freak of nature and always cold. I learned this when I asked what temp people keep their houses at on twitter and their responses were a lot lower than our 70-73 range. (This weekend we woke up and it was 69 and turned on the heater.) In our 70-73 degree house I wear sweatshirts and put blankets on. (I told you guys, weirdo!) So if I am going to wear a bikini I’m going to need my beach like 80. That doesn’t happen until summer. So we try to go about twice a month during the summer.

*I know you all love this pic. Don't be fooled by the color. It is pink. That is the only color I turn. This might be my I have been in the sun way too long face.

2. BBQs

Ok as I was thinking about this maybe I should put having more friends in town. Remember the camp I worked at where I met my gay husband? Well a lot of our new friends we made I met at that camp or from keeping in touch with people. For example gay husband kept working there and new people got hired and some of them we awesome and I met during get togethers during the summer. Anyways, they are all younger and are still in college which equals me missing them and having no life when they are away at school. So when summer rolls around and they come back into my life it brings a lot of joy and laughs.

I’m sure you know by now when of my favorite things to do is have people over to eat. Hubby is am amazing cook and I just enjoy the time and conversation while eating.

Summer time and BBQs just go together. Something about having a BBQ makes the day longer and more relaxing.

I am definitely looking forward to having some beach time and BBQs this summer!


  1. Love both your choices following you here and on twitter :)

  2. I am so ready for summer!!!! Too bad I don't live near the beach.

  3. okay Im so jealous that you live so close to the beach!

  4. PERFECT choices!!
    i pretty much picked the same things...except i had to replace the beach with a pool! the beach close to me is not swimming clean ;)

    i can't wait for summer!!

  5. Yes, if you lived closer you would be there a lot more. My favorite run is along the beach.

    (And I was laughing thinking people are going to think you are a brat for making it seem like you are 'far' from the beach when you are 20 minutes away. But I get it. You live inland!! HAHA! 20 minutes in is inland. Crazy! But yeah, it is far for peoples like us.)

    Do you ever head up this way? Or do you do the PB, OB scene? We always stay up here because of the surf breaks, obvs. Jason and The Surfer need the Encinitas waves.

  6. Totally jealous you live anywhere close to a beach!

  7. I am so jealous of how close you live to the beach! My dream is to live on the beach...someday!

  8. Great picks. I love the beach!!

  9. I need a beach day SOOON! I cant wait!! Love your picks!

  10. Dang...not fair you live so close to the beach! My kids would love to visit the beach every day.

    I'm a BBQ loving girl too!

  11. I wish I lived that close to the beach! Jealous!

  12. I love the beach, it is my favorite place during the summer

  13. I love beach too.. but one thing that I love about summer too is sunshine.. I don't like rain.. =(
    *fyi, in my country, there's only 2 seasons, rainy and summer,, I choose the second one..