Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday Topic

Lately I have been feeling blah, irritable, and like I could cry at the drop of the hat. It could be hormonal but I am sick of being bitchy and weepy. It is time to cheer myself up.

This week’s topic:

I use these tips and tricks to turn my frown upside down:


  1. Go to a Comedy Club, see lots of funny acts including DANE COOK! Have a great 6 month anniversary weekend w/ friends & the man of your dreams.

  2. perhaps a quick youtube of Dane Cook?

  3. I watch an episode of a TV show I know I will love like Friends.

    Or treat myself to something yummy to eat.

    Working out has actually been helping me get out of the grumps (believe me I have a lot to be grumpy about right now) and have more energy.

    And...well...doing "stuff" with my husband works pretty well too! ;-)

  4. Go to the spa!

    Also, I agree with Shelley, workout! It always makes me feel better and gives me lots of energy!

    Feel better soon!