Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not me Sunday Floatopia

Woke up Sunday morning not feeling like P Diddy and wanted to to do a not me Monday post. I have time to do it right now, so it is not me Sunday. Not me Monday is hosted by MckMama

*I did not go to something called Floatopia with 10,000 drunk college students.
*Some guy did not offer me beer to use our cooler.
*I did not tell him to ask my husband when he comes back.
*I did not feel weird having a husband.

*The college girls in their tiny bikini's did not make me really want to buy the brazil butt lift.
*I did not stay up way later than normal this weekend.
*I did not sleep in way later than normal this weekend.
*I did not wake up feeling hung over when I had nothing to drink.
*I did not have my gay husband help me with me outfit to go out to a club.
*We did not drive around downtown for an hour looking for parking and then leave without getting out of the car.
*We did not go to a bar our friend works at after driving around downtown and find out when we got there that she wasn't working.
*We did not have to listen to terrible kareoke.
*We did not have way more fun playing board games and card games at home.
*I did not have a realization that I am no longer 21 and feel really old.


  1. lol this post made me LMAO!!!...very funny worries my friends always joke that I'm 20 going on 85..I have more fun at home then out n about!... just found out about your blog couple days ago..i noticed you follow alot of the same blogs i do so i figured i check out ur blog! glad I did..would love if you follow me

  2. Not Me Monday is hosted my MckMama at

    So cute! I wish it was warm enough here to go on a float trip! It snowed yesterday! Boo!

  3. I love that you drove around looking for parking and then just went home. I do the same thing! It's my biggest deterrent to going to the cool bars.

  4. It's a terrible thing to realize that you can't party like a 20 something anymore, isn't it?

  5. Hahhahaha.

    I had that feeling Wednesday night, when we all got dressed up to go for green beer and ended up partying at home instead.

  6. I totally know the feeling for happens to me too. I cant go out like I used to anymore!!

  7. Big Mans mom tells us were the most boring 20 somethings she knows! :)

  8. Oh gosh.....that happens to me too....I just cant party like I used to (nor do I want to :))

  9. haha. Floatopia sounds fun!! :) Even, if I would be too old for it!

  10. Oh this is too funny! Back in the day I would have fit right in, but now I'd feel so out of place.

  11. Some of these were just too funny!

  12. Ha ha, hilarious! Thanks for sharing...

  13. "I have not had this exact same thing happen...specifically the card-playing part. And I did not feel impossibly old about it." (at what point did this happen? I wish I would have gotten a reminder email about the possibility.)

  14. I can relate to not being able to party like I'm 20 anymore. But I really don't want to party like that anymore. A few years ago I would have thought that I am so boring now, but I like where I am. :)

  15. I watched an infomercial for Spring Break, and really all I could think was, "and why is that fun???"