Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dane Cook

Ok, I was planning on writing this blog later once the future hubby was home, we had gone on our walk, and he was watching his show (Mad Money). I was also not sure what I was going to write my blog about. The thing that got me up off the couch and drying my tears (today's Oprah, which I think I will discuss tomorrow) was a clip of the man whose name is the title of this blog.
I have to give credit where credit is due. My future brother in law introduced me to Dane Cook the first summer I went camping with the H* family. (ok just cleaned the bathroom, took the trash out and moved my car in 18 mins. I think thats impressive) Anyways, my future family is amazing and we always have a hilarious time camping. The year of Dane Cook Jeff and his friend kept saying stuff about Cinnamon bits and kicking their shoes off in a fleet of joy. Finally one night sitting around the camp fire they let me listen to Dane Cook's Retaliation cd. It was hilarious. We went out and bought all the cds available, have seen every movie, and are huge fans now. IN FACT WE ARE GOING TO SEE DANE LIVE IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm not excited!
Continuing on, one of my favorite jokes is his joke on rough around the edges "Pedophiles". Hilarious if you've ever watched Oprah. I have always wondered if she had heard this joke, I figured she had but she didn't mention it, until... the other day on a hilarious episode of Oprah about sex with my favorite sex therapist who I'm guessing will also have a tv show in five years. I won't go into details but she totally sounded like Dane's impression of herself. Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a clip for tomorrow's show and guess who is on it...DANE COOK! I could do a happy dance right now! I am so excited that I might not wait until 4:20 to watch the show. That's the time you have to wait to if you want to fast forward through the commercials, fyi.

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