Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, I love technology but not as much as you, you see

*Sorry I keep making you vom with the pictures! You want pretty wedding pictures tomorrow?

Here is our technology routine:
I wake up in the morning and turn on the TV to watch while I'm eating breakfast. Then I listen to it while I'm getting ready for work. When I get home I turn the TV on and eat my snack and lay on the couch until Hubby gets home. Normally Hubby says hi to Blue and me and then turns the computer on. Every other day when Hubby gets home we go work out. I take my ipod with me to listen to while I work out. Then we go back to the apartment and watch TV. He makes dinner and usually we turn the tv off or pause it while we eat. After dinner we watch a show. Sometimes he watches a show that I don't really care to watch and I check my email and facebook and clean up the kitchen and make lunches. So in generally we spend maybe 20 minutes with no technology on.

I don't neccesarily think that this is a bad thing. But I was kind of feeling like I'm letting myself and the apartment go. Now, I am proud to say that I haven't gained any weight since the wedding. Shockingly, I have even lost weight. I pretty much weigh myself everyday and if that number gets close to the wedding day weight I cut back on the fatty foods or work out more. But, Uncle Chris you can skip the rest of this paragraph if you don't want to get a gross visual of your adorable neice,
I was not shaving as often as I use to. Did anyone see Monique (not surfer wife the one in Precious) on Barbara Walters' special or the view? She tried shaving once and it hurt so she doesn't do it anymore? It wasn't that bad, plus my hair is blonde. I am going to blame the lack of sun shine and this very cold and rainy winter. What is the point of shaving when you wear pants and sweaters all the time? Part of it is also forgetting to bring razors into the shower with me. Do you ladies leave your razors in the shower? I find they get rusty and I refuse to shave with a rusty razor. Anyways, I had the epiphany last night while I was de-Amazonwomanizing myself that I had been letting myself and the apartment go.

So I proposed a no technology day! Obvi computers at work are a neccesity, but when we get home it is no TV, computers, cell phones or ipods. I posted this on facebook last night. I have to first admit that I am nosy. I am always asking people about stuff at work and checking people's facebooks. But I kinda feel like my future sister in law has taken her nosyness to a new level. She skypes me every time she has a question about my facebook status. So last night I posted that we were having a no technology day in our apartment tomorrow and I would talk to everyone Wednesday and then do do do here is fsil skype calling. FSIL, "Why are you having a no technology day?" Me, "Um, I don't know, we just are." Am I going to admit to her like I did to all of you that I was an Amazon woman and spend 20 minutes a day talking to my husband without distractions? No. Me, "What are you guys doing?" FSIL, "Watching CSI and we are both on our computers." She doesn't usually describe what they are doing in this much detail. I didn't know what the point of the description was, that you have a great relationship and use a lot of technology? FSIL, "What are you guys going to do?" Me, "I don't know." I honestly don't know. I would like to do some chores, read, or scrapbook. I don't know if Hubby will be down with that stuff so we might play some card games. We will probably work out since we didn't yesterday. Mostly I want to prove to myself and him that we aren't addicted to the TV and computer and can go without it.

What would you do with a day of no technology? Could you go a day without technology?


  1. I could go a day without tv, and computer, as long as I could check my facebook at least once haha

  2. Ok, first, your title was my ringtone for the longest time! :)

    and I would pretty much die without a day of technology. well, not really because we went to Fiji in 2008 and for 8 days we stayed on a tiny island with zero technology.

    And it was AMAZING.

  3. No. I couldnt. I have a blackberry with my work email and personal email and facebook. So um...I would never turn it off. What if there was a work emergency!? :)
    I need to cut down on the use at home though. My husband even asks me to put away the computer and turn off the tv and hang with him! GOOD LUCK On your day! you can do it! ANd wow. I DID NOT SEE her legs!! that is crazy. My legs would look like that in 2 weeks though. My hair grows SOOO Fast.
    And, I do keep a razor in the showr. the one i have does not get rusty. I check it all the time.

  4. I didn't have a computer for the entire year before I started college. Mine had contracted a virus and I just didn't have the money at the time to fix it. It was an AMAZING time in my life. Sure I still watched tv, talked on the phone, and would check things on the family computer, but I had such a fulfilling life! I'd really like to have another time in my life like that. I know that I've become way to reliant on my computer for entertainment. Could I do it now? Sure. It wouldn't be as easy because of how little I have going on in my life but there are so many things I know I should do that I just don't because the computer distracts me. I like your no computer day, I hope it goes well!

  5. Are you kidding me. Of course I could go without technology. I barely use it now. Didn't you read my blog the other day.

  6. I had to deal with that a couple of weeks ago. It was tough. I'll admit, I hated it. However, it was nice to have just 1 quiet evening reading my book. I've gotten so far behind in my reading lately! I miss it.

  7. I could do without tv for sure. Computer I could but it would be more of a challenge for me.

  8. Oh that picture is soooo gross ha ha! My break-I was only going to be gone until Monday. I am still missing keys, but I am getting a new laptop soon--clearly I cannot stay away from technology. I went to Bora Bora for my honeymoon though... no internet, no phone nothing pure bliss!

  9. LOVE no technology days. Watched Regis and Kelly once back in the day and they were calling themselves the "tech-no's" because neither of them even owned a cell.

    I would be a tech-no if I could be.

  10. This is an interesting question because your night sounds EXACTLY like ours. Hubs gets home, we go to the gym where I simultaneously watch Rachel Maddow on my iPod and CNN on the TV in front of me. Then dinner. Then whatever is on the DVR ("House", "CSI", "Numbers", "The Mentalist") and both on computers. Then to bed and I'm reading blogs until 1 am or so. But hubs is an information technology officer and I consider the internet to be my most viable source of clients...so it's kind of like we never stop working. I'm not sure what we do without technology...maybe sit and stare at each other...for the first time since we said our vows. Awkward. Maybe we'll give this a shot upon return for a shopping trip to the bookstore. Otherwise, it will just be a lot of sitting and wishing we were using technology. Good luck. I'll be interested to see how this all works out for you.

  11. I've let myself go and when Big Man saw me naked the other day he looked at my stuff and asked if I was going to take care of that...that was my sign! :)