Monday, March 8, 2010

Recap of my Mom's visit

Here are the pictures from my Mom's visit. She was lucky she got a sunny weekend. It has been rainy every weekend since.

Pictures from the San Diego Zoo.
This elephant exhibit is new and ginormous! Probably one of my favorite parts of the zoo.

Mom and me being monkey dorks.

This was my facebook profile picture for a few minutes. But it was not cute.

Look behind my head. There is a baby panda! One of the reasons my mom wanted to come down and go to the zoo was to see the baby panda. We only get them on lease from China for a couple months. So cute!

One year engagiversary picture. Not the beach he proposed at but we took Mom here because of the amazing houses to look at.

Anyone notice I wore the same shirt she wore to the zoo. I bought the shirt for both of us in the same size. I wanted to wear my valentine's day shirt on valentine's day but I couldn't find it.

It was tons of fun having my mom visit. My favorite part was when we were talking about how we didn't see any penguins at the zoo. I said, "I think they are at sea world." She said, "Yeah, aren't they fish?" I said, "No, they are mammals." Hubby chimed in, "No, they are birds!" We had a Tina/Jessica Simpson moment. Oops


  1. Fun! I was at the SD zoo in 2006, I think. It was amazing! People always ask me "Is it really as great as the hype". I say yes! Looks like a beautiful weekend!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I love the zoo! And totally jealous of the ocean.

  3. Don't you just love those ditzy moments? =]

  4. Hahaha - Jessica Simpson moment. Funny. Love the baby panda! So cute! :o)

  5. It's always fun having mom visits! :)

  6. i love the zoo soo much! I've been dying to go to the san diego zoo! Now i can live vicariously through your pics!

  7. I love the SD zoo. I haven't been in so long even though I live here in So-Cal. I'll have to go again soon, maybe when the weather is nice again in summer.

  8. Haha, I have Jessica Simpson moments every now and then too.

    So glad you had such a great time with your mom! I want to go to the San Diego Zoo someday.

  9. Looks like fun! It's great spending time with moms! I love the San Diego Zoo. I was there 22 years ago and I still remember some of it! OMG...I'm old!

  10. Rainy? In southern California? I didn't think that ever happened???

    I love that you celebrate your engageiversary (or whatever you called it!). I remember ours-- and make DH celebrate it-- every year!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  11. Fun times.

    That Panda is cute.