Friday, March 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Day=Trashy?

Here is what I have planned for the weekend:
1. Target- After work today I’m gonna stop by Target. I have to get some basic essentials. I also wanted to see if I could find any cheap, cute St. Patrick’s Day decorations. We have a blank wall that is directly behind where we sit at the computer. So it looks very bare when we are skyping. The problem is the heater control is right there so it is awkward to decorate around it. I’m thinking maybe some shelves that I could put different decorations on.
*I started looking at for some ideas. I was appalled at what they have!

I have always wanted one of these!

This is a purse!

Everything was so trashy!

I don't have any green that I could wear to work. Something subtle like this for $8 might work.

The wreath is $20. Not sure where to put it. I really like this chalkboard. It is $10! Again, don't know where I would put it.

Or maybe just a $10 string of green lights to go around our little cut out window area.

2. I am going to try to do some laundry tonight because it is supposed to start raining at noon on Saturday.

3. There was some good tv on last night we need to catch up on. We still have SVU from Wednesday we need to watch. I haven’t finished Grey’s from last night. We also have CSI, Marriage Ref, and Taking the Stage from last night to watch.

4. Saturday morning we are planning on going to the library and then running at the lake before the rain comes.

5. Then the rest of the weekend indoor activities. I really want to do a Modg toilet and get that emailed to her.

6. Hubby has a new obsession with walnuts. He read some where they are good for you so he puts them in our chocolate chip cookies. We bought a huge bag at Costco and he has just been snacking on them. Have you ever had a plain walnut? In my opinion, they are too bland! So I found a recipe for candied walnuts that I am going to try.

7. Clean up the apartment.

8. We will probably watch Inglorious Bastards Saturday night.

9. Maybe the rain won't be too crazy and we can go visit Hubby's Uncle.

10. Lots of reading.

11. Try to create some hilar blogs for next week.

12. Maybe our pictures I printed from Walmart will come and I can work on my scrapbook.


  1. That wreath might be cute... but I wouldn't pay $20 for it!! Good luck girly!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love St. Patrick's Day! I married into an Irish name (Donahey or it used to be O'Donahey) so I am totally Irish!

    Go over to MODG and vote for the baby on the toilet! That's my baby! Thnx!

  3. Oh come on you know you want that purse, lol

    sounds like a busy weekend, have fun:)

  4. I want that St. Patty's wreath from Target. I just can't spend $20 on it. have a great weekend!

  5. I totally bought that chalk board this week! I wrote "Top O' The Mornin' To Ya!" On it haha. I should take a picture and post it. Maybe on St. Patricks day. I also bought some window stickies from Target for the day. It's fun to have your own place and collect holiday decorations!

  6. I think the shirt is pretty cute, but that purse is ridiculous!!!!

  7. Wow...the $$ made off of St. Patricks day! Crazy.

    Walnuts are yummy...but don't eat too many, they are very high in fat, albeit good fat though! A small handful is enough. I add a little bit of chopped walnuts to my muffins or banana bread!

  8. I like the wreath but for $20...ehhh

  9. Thanks for coming by my blog today! We saw Inglorious Basterds over Christmas and it was fantastic - a little violent, but very orginal! Have a fun weekend!

  10. Thanks for following my blog! It sounds like you will have a great weekend... and personally, I like walnuts! Ha. But my husband isn't a big fan of them.

  11. Walmart has those hats too. Even Little Dude was like, Why are there cowboy hats? Leprechauns are NOT cowboys. True. And that purse looks like Shrek. I'm just sayin...

  12. SVU was good...I FORGOT To DVER the Marriage REF. I keep forgetting to DVR shows!
    I think St Pattys day decorations are hard to find..."nice" decorations anyway...I mean, it does seem to be a holiday focused on beer! :)